Sunday, October 24, 2010

Canadian Tuxedo

So this is a mini sunday post. I'm working today so on come the jeans! I kinda just wanted to show off a freshly painted suitcase! I love spray paint. It's pretty simple paint job but reminds me of a bowling ball bag! I had to cut this mini shoot even shorter because I did it in my yard...which means being accosted by a multitude of animals. When you live in the country animals like to wander to house and not leave! So while I was attempting to take pictures there were cats wandering in view, dogs trying to sit on me, and kittens climbing the tripod! I had to give up...

cardigan - thrifted
shirt / jeans - gap
shoes - winners


  1. I guess your animals just wanted their time in the spotlight! Haha.
    But that is one amazing bag! Love the stripes.

  2. beautiful pictures and goooorgeous bag honey!!

    If you have some spare time, drop by my blog! :)


Thank You :D