Friday, October 22, 2010


I hope you guys like rustic old sheds because it seems to be a theme here. They are essentially the only decent rural Alberta architecture. I actually found some canola to add some colour to my pictures with this one though! I usually don't wear dresses with frills around the hips as I don't really want to accentuate them but this dress was pretty cute and only $15. Obviously I had to buy some tights to go with it which, by the way, are the longest tights ever! Hence the bunching around the ankles. Oh the joys of being short! Hope you guys have a good weekend! 

Snowflakes were falling when I left the fields today :(

jacket - old navy
dress/tights - h&m
shoes - payless
necklace - pearl from Hawaii
bag - thrifted


  1. It just so happens that I love rustic old sheds :D I can tell that we are going to be friends.
    the white stripes? yeah?
    hope you have a great weekend darlin. and great outfit as always. i love the ribbing in the tights and the pattern on the dress.

  2. yes!!! I was hoping youd pick up on the reference :D

  3. you look beautiful in that dress!!!
    i love the last picture.
    ooooh..i <3 your blog and your pretty pictures.
    have a beautiful weekend love.

  4. I love this outfit and these photos are amazing. The dress is gorgeous, I love the color!


  5. Whoa, fantastic thrifted bag! And you have such a cute smile, I think the one where you're sitting against the shed is my fave from this series :)

  6. hello! just stumbled across your blog and i have got to say, i love the photography here its so beautiful! also love your shoes and tights!

  7. A fellow canadian! yay! im so glad I found your blog. Those tights are so amazing.. I have actually been looking for a pair of tights that are that color, but Australia doesnt sell many tights! :( I will have to wait to stock up in Canada at christmas. Hope you have a great weekend pretty. These photographs are amaaazing!! x

  8. I love your dress! You seem to be especially good at finding stunning locations!

  9. Loving the textured tights with the wedges. I am also a fan of the sheds, so it's a good theme in my opinion.


Thank You :D