Monday, January 31, 2011


A lot of firsts for me happened in this outfit. First attempt at pattern mixing (I started small). First time tucking my shirt in. AND First post without glasses. Personally I think I look a little evil without my I'm plotting something. So I cheated and put on sunglasses instead. I also couldn't deny my shoes from the last post anymore and took them out for a little jaunt. I can't take credit for this outfit, it was totally inspired by Estefany from Helmet Head and I stole this look (sorry Estefany!). Two more things: I think I am totally too cool for school in the below pic and I included that last picture because as it was snowing I caught the most perfect, cutest little snowflake mid-fall! 

Mondays are like my fridays so for me the week is almost over! Come on Tuesday!!

hat / cardigan / purse / shorts / shoes - thrifted
ribbons - gap (came with some shoes)
shirt - joe fresh
tights - h&m
sunglasses - giveaway from the local newspaper circa 1990's
see that little guy by the bird!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting Their Return

The wonderful Rachelous of Cold Knees bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award upon me a few days ago. As usual I tweaked the seven random facts to seven pairs of shoes I wish I could be wearing right now! I can't wait until I can break out my shoes again and not have to worry about frostbitten toes. Not gonna lie, I photoshopped myself a bit of a tan (seriously these are tanned!). My legs blended into the walls too much! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

1. Rocketdog
2. Thrifted 3. Vintage
4. Gap (5 years ago) 5. American Eagle
6. Marks & Spencer 7. Blowfish

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

These are some silly pictures I took yesterday. I was bored and didn't feel like taking the dogs for a walk. So while they were playing about in the snow, I built me a friend! A cowboy friend to be exact! I seriously was going to have a hernia lifting his mid-section up there...

kittens kept trying to pull his arms off!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

High Noon

When I was picking through my pictures to post today I realized that the machinery could cause this post to become political (at least it always seems political in Alberta). I assure you my reasons for going to this location are very simple: I need some variety in my locations lately and the oil companies keep the driveways completely clear which means I don't get my car stuck in snow. That is all!

Anyways! I love the shirt I got from Ruche but I have a hard time styling it because of the length. It's weirdly in between a shirt and a dress on me. Don't worry, when I was doing some errands today I had a skirt over it. I just thought in a controlled environment (ie I can delete the pictures I'm flashing you in) I'd try it out as a dress. I think it failed as a dress. Even though it passes the well-known "Cover's My Bum" rule, I would always be on edge that a gust of wind was lurking around. I promise I'll go put some pants on now...

jacket / scarf - thrifted
shirt-dress-thing - Ruche
tights - h&m
boots - aldo 
The wind caused some messy hair today...who am I kidding! It's always messy!
Oh yes! I was featured on Hello, Monkeyface! today. I did an interview on self-photography! Check it out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I tried EVERYWHERE to find a good place to take pictures today. I ended up in the driveway again. I can't even venture through the yard anymore because of this annoying snow. Maybe tomorrow I will be more adventurous and drive somewhere (it's all going to look like this though...just sayin). 

The fancy camera gave a good effort but I had to go back to my crappy camera for these. Today I am heading into the big city to take it back to see if it can be fixed or if they will give me a new one. Thanks for bearing through my vent session last post. If I win the lottery we're all going on vacation!!!!!

toque - cant remember
dress / socks - thrifted
belt - the mother's
tights - h&m
boots - the bay
bracelets - gifts
Saddest. Flower. Ever.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Call Me Unadventurous

The manfriend is like a boy scout. He is ready for anything. He has numerous backpacks of all sizes full of stuff to live off of for who knows how long if he was stranded. This week he decided he needed a heated shelter that he can fit in his bag for easy lugging-around-age. The sweat lodge was born. He modified a tent and built a little stove. He plans to sleep in it all night next weekend so we had to do a trial run this weekend. Call me unadventurous but I am not sleeping in that (ever). Even so I thought I'd see how warm it gets in there. It got up to about 30 C (86 F), which is pretty nice when it's cold out! I thought I'd bring along the new camera to practice.

Speaking of the new camera, it has decided to say "Error: Press shutter button again" and refuses to take another picture. I'm a little annoyed now as I have taken it on one adventure and it's broken. This always seems to happen to me!!! Just a warning I'm gonna vent here: a few months ago my phone (that I just bought) broke. While that was getting fixed an entire row of dead pixels appeared on my computer. Meanwhile all the tires on my car became magically bald which means your going no where in snow. After I paid for brand new tires I notice my mom has messed with my photoshop causing it to not work properly. I get that sorted out today and then the camera (not even 2 weeks old!!!) dies! I'm going to have a scream in my pillow now...

couldn't resist a detail shot ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Contrary to popular belief I don't hang out with only my animals. Sometimes it may look like that but occasionally I do hang out with people. They just aren't photo-hogs like my dog! I let Ninny have one shot with me and then she decided to photo bomb some! Dogs these days. They are outta control.

I'm attempting to be more colourful. It's hard to get inspired with colour when this place is so dreary. So I opted for the brightest cardigan that I own (one I never wear) instead of my go-to brown one. Another item I never wear are these boots. I've had them for about 4 years now and have never worn them. I think this may change because I really liked them with the dress!


toque - ebay
dress - thrifted
cardigan - old navy
belt - american eagle
tights - h&m
boots - payless

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Before you panic, I am wearing my bright red snow pants and rubber boots under this dress. I would be crazy to just wear tights under there. Obviously I wouldn't wear this outfit with my snow pants out but you can't see them on here so we'll pretend I'm not! I originally wanted to take these pictures out in the field so it would be all white but it was so windy today I had a vision of my tripod toppling over with my new camera being submerged in the snow. So I went to the clearing behind my house for protection. I find my new camera very tiring. If there is a setting to extend the 5 second self timer I haven't found it yet. Trying to hustle in the waist high snow is exhausting...

dress - my high school grad dress
shirt - thrifted
scarf - save on foods