Wednesday, January 26, 2011

High Noon

When I was picking through my pictures to post today I realized that the machinery could cause this post to become political (at least it always seems political in Alberta). I assure you my reasons for going to this location are very simple: I need some variety in my locations lately and the oil companies keep the driveways completely clear which means I don't get my car stuck in snow. That is all!

Anyways! I love the shirt I got from Ruche but I have a hard time styling it because of the length. It's weirdly in between a shirt and a dress on me. Don't worry, when I was doing some errands today I had a skirt over it. I just thought in a controlled environment (ie I can delete the pictures I'm flashing you in) I'd try it out as a dress. I think it failed as a dress. Even though it passes the well-known "Cover's My Bum" rule, I would always be on edge that a gust of wind was lurking around. I promise I'll go put some pants on now...

jacket / scarf - thrifted
shirt-dress-thing - Ruche
tights - h&m
boots - aldo 
The wind caused some messy hair today...who am I kidding! It's always messy!
Oh yes! I was featured on Hello, Monkeyface! today. I did an interview on self-photography! Check it out!


  1. Hi there! I discovered your blog through Hello, Monkeyface! Loved your self-photography and photoshop tips!

    And you have my utmost respect and wonder for taking pictures in such a hostile winter environment - I am currently holed up inside in my apartment with just a few inches falling from the sky! :)

    Small Time Style

  2. ah i totally know what you mean about awkward lengths! i thought 5'4" was average for girls (that's my height) but everything is too short for me!

  3. Hi Shy! I found you through Monkeyface. I must say that I am truly inspired by your unique and creative self-photography! They're beautiful! Now I'm inspired to be more creative heh!

  4. i feel like i often balance back and forth between too short and just right. i'm also so afraid my skirt will blow up!

  5. Why Hello there! Oh my goodness, I just scrolled through all your fantastic posts. Where have I been!?! I definitely missed getting my daily Shy outfit fix this past week- while I've been writing paper.
    Loved all your outfits. And today's shirt/dress is totally relatable. You look A-mazing, of course!

  6. it is short... BUT i have def. seen shorter..hahaha.
    i think it looks amazing on you though. (but everything does.)
    shy, as always these pictures are beautiful.

  7. I definitely have a couple of those shirt?dress? things. I'm gonna include one in my next 30for30 so I can wear it both ways :D

    Love your apolitical oil rig location!

  8. Love your outfit - the pattern on the skirt is gorgeous! And such a great Alberta post, nothing like a good rig to say Alberta LOL!


  9. These are really visually captivating and intriguing photos. It's very strange to see one of those things up close like that.

    I have the same problem with those in between lengths - which is odd b/c I'm only 5'2 - but I think the dress/shirt looks gorgeous on you. I love the vintage-y print and the muted color tones. Lovely as always:) xx Marisa

  10. I think you did a great job styling the shirt-dress thing. Haha, it would definitely be a shirt on me!

    Oil rigs like that are everywhere in TX, but not around where I live. Kinda cool that even though we live in completely separate places, they still have something in common.

  11. I love this dress/shirt thing, so pretty. The pattern is really cool on it! I like these photos a lot

  12. Thanks so much for the comment, I absolutely ADORE the location for this post..


Thank You :D