Friday, January 7, 2011

First, Second, and Third Helpings!

First things first: Amanda from The Upside of Wonder made a little chat room last night and I got to chat with some awesome bloggers!! It was a bit of a throw-back to my 13 year old self. I say we have a girls night drop in to hang out online because it was so much fun. I'd love to chat with some of my other favourites out there. 

Second things second: I could not find anywhere good to take outfit shots. The driveway was annoying me, my toes were too cold to walk anywhere through the snow, and I was generally fussy about everywhere I went. This brings us to the garage door and my "oh well" face. All I wanted to do was show off my lovely new coat! Is that so much to ask!? My mom...I mean Santa... gave it to me for Christmas and I love how marching-band-y it is. This is actually the outfit I wore to our Christmas dinner (so I'm only 2 weeks behind)...

Third things third: One of my moms friends was getting rid of her old-standing-jewelry-dresser-thingy. She gave it to me FULLY STOCKED. She just left everything she didn't want it. I've only dived into the ring area so far!

coat - pink martini
sweater - j. crew
belt - mom's
dress - old navy
tights - winners
boots - aldo
headband - homemade


  1. The chatroom was lots of fun. Great to meet you there. The garage door works for photos. Lovely. I think your coat is so cute. I ADORE the buttons

  2. Wow you sure did score with that jewelry rack! That's awesome. And way to go Santa! He sure knows his style :D

  3. that coat is lovely...Santa has such a good eye!!!
    i am very jealous of your jewelry rack!! yay for hand me downs!!
    oh man, i enjoyed the chat room last night...we need to do it more often!!
    have a great weekend love! <3

  4. That chat sounds so awesome! Theres nothing better then chatting with the girls sometimes
    I looove this jacket and it looks amazing with those tights!! Sooo cute. Great rings too :)

  5. Oh my goodness I love this outfit! So beautiful. And I would die for those rings... I adore rings probably more than any other jewelery, yet never wear them. Something to do with chubby fingers. :(

    - Patricia

  6. I saw Amanda's tweets when I woke up this morning and I was so bummed I missed out on it! Maybe next time :) You scored with that jewelry box, love those rings!

  7. OMG, LUCKY!!! I can't believe she gave it to you complete with jewelry! That's so awesome... can't wait to see more pieces! Loving your coat (well done, santa!) and your tights are super cute as well... xx


  8. This outfit seems very classic. I love the shape of your coat, and of course the pattern on your tights.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  9. Is your moms friend crazy!? but seriously - how good is that for you? I cant wait to see all the treasures you find in there! I love all the rings, and your shoes, and your jacket..oh I just like you! Can I join in on your chat room the next time? Sounds like so much fun!! x

  10. bloggers chat?! sounds awesome! how did i miss this?! :)

    and gosh shy, these are awesome photos and i love your outfit. those tights and rings are fantastic!

    xx elanor

  11. Oh my goodness! An entire jewelry dresser! *drool*
    Uh, jackpot! I love it when people give me free stuff. haha

    I know this post is mostly showin' off your jacket, but I gotta say those tights are rad! :)

  12. You are so amazing! I love how you can make garage door photos so chic! Love your coat. And that chat room sounds like so much fun! I was obsessed with chat rooms in jr. high. :) And I am soooooo jealous of your jewellery dresser and all the rings left behind. SOooo lucky. I had one when I lived with my parents, but my mom took it back when I moved out. So sad.

  13. Wooohoo I totally love this coat! Good job Santa ;]

    I'm so behind on outfit posts too...I technically still have to take photos of my Thanksgiving outfit! Womp womp.

  14. Sounds like you are having way tooo much fun! I am jealous. Love your coat. As many have said..Santa did good. And jewelry dresser full of jewelry. Can't wait to see all the new finds!
    And chatting online, oh my goodness. This is too much:)

  15. i really love your boots! And also i really love that second to last picture!

  16. First things first: I WANT YOUR BOOTS! Second things second: Love your oh well pose. Third things third: I think you could make ANY background look interesting. You have a gift.


  17. great photos, love your boots!
    I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  18. You may not have liked the location, but the photos turned out great. I am always mildly jealous of snowy backdrops. The white just makes outfits pop. It is only a mild jealousy though. I have no idea how i would cope with actual snow. I am a FL girl at heat after all.

  19. simple, lovely style.
    black suits you really well. your boots have really gorgeous details, too.

  20. Oh wow, did you ever score on the jewelry!! What a lucky lady you are:) That coat is divine...Santa has beautiful taste indeed. Your photos are perfection as always:)

  21. I love those plaid tights and boots! AND CHAT ROOM??? Holy cow! I want to be invited next time! That's amazing! I would LOVE that!

  22. omg i love your rings:))))xx i have an addiction with rings!!check my blog out when you can and you will realize:) love to hear form you:)xx


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