Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well this has certainly been a busy week! I finally got a day off (first one since last last sunday) which means I finally got some pictures again, whooo hooo. I got this coat from the Cabin Fever sale at Modcloth a few weeks back. I know I keep jumping back and forth from winter to spring outfits but what's a girl to do! I had a vision of an awesome picture in my head of me standing on the deck railing. Turns out it's not so easy to climb up and balance on the rail in a dress and wedges. I tried having the wedges up there and me scurrying up to throw them on but the 10 second timer is just not enough! Despite the gloomy sky it's actually pretty warm out so I was having a gay ol' time with bare feet and legs on the deck.

coat - Modcloth
belt - stole from the neighbour
dress - rw & co.
shoes - thrifted
This picture made me realize you must not grow out of facial expressions. Refer back to the first picture of Little Me in my last post.

Me attempting to get up on the rail in time (failing) :

Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Much Me?

OK! So I know I'm a bit behind on these but I was awarded the Versatile Blogger by these lovely bloggers. Meganne from The Posh Pearl , Kelly from Yellow Cup Cake. My fellow Albertan Ashley from Lions, Lace, Lattes honoured me with the One Lovely Blogger Award. Thanks so much for thinking of me ladies! I really am a little surprised that people actually wanna visit my little corner of the interweb sometimes. I thought this may be a good time to show some more candid pictures of me which really doesn't happen on the ol' blog much. I think I'd show some more daily life/candid stuff if I actually did something interesting in real life! Haha! Here goes nothin...

We'll start young... Me and my cousin were known as Salt and Pepper.
Me and brother, on the other hand, were just known as dirty farm kids.
I like to intimidate things much bigger than me.
I have been known to be Velma for halloween almost yearly.
I love me some snake.
My favourite umbrella only lasted 45 minutes.
Me and the manfriend...he's got a part that would make moses jealous.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's Pretend It's Spring

Everyone ready for another edition of me pretending it's spring?! I cleared out the dining room so I would have makeshift stage for me to wear my next spring inspired outfit. No tights required! I got a few questions on how I got the lighting to work for my indoor photos. I really didn't "do" anything. Our house has ALOT of south facing windows with no trees in order to absorb heat in the winter. So the natural light in our house is slightly outrageous. No tricks of the trade to share here. This is one of my mom's skirts that I dressified. I think I'd really like to try it out as a nature intended as a skirt too. But I'll save it for another edition of Let's Pretend It's Spring! Just got my post title...

dress (or skirt) - mom's
belt - walmart
cardigan / wedges - thrifted

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Badly Behaved

You can thank my doggies for this post. They behaved so horrifically on our walk today I cut it waaaaaaay short thus having enough time to take some photos before work! Can we assume for this post that any pictures that are out of focus have been done so on purpose? While we are at it lets also assume my hair isn't all sweaty from our short walk/yelling-fest? Excellent.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sneak in some posts this week because I'm hoping on my only day off that I will be able to go on a job shadow for a company I really wanna work for. I've been attempting to set this up for weeks. Hopefully tomorrow it actually works out and I can be that much closer to getting a real job and get rid of this filler job! Speaking of filler jobs: I'm off to work! Hope everyone is having a less snowy day then me!

Oh, I finally got around to taking in the sides of this shirt. It was a maternity blouse and seriously must have been for that 8.5 month mark because I took about 5 inches out on each side!

shirt / coat - church rummage sale
jeans - joe fresh
belt - american eagle
socks - thrifted
boots - the bay
We are both sick of it!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traipsing Through Hungary.

I have caught a bit of the travel bug lately. Unfortunately, I am in no financial spot to go traipsing around the world despite how much I want to. I can, however, go back in time a bit and reminisce about some adventures I have had. I took out a few photos from my travels through Hungary. This was almost 8 years ago to the day. It was such an awesome experience and I had so much fun. The downsides: I found no one spoke any English and I couldn't speak that much Hungarian so TONS of stuff was lost in translation and restaurant food got a bit dicey sometimes. By the end I was sticking to only MacD's because at least I could count on recognizing the food! Of course all this makes for funny stories now so I wouldn't have had it any other way.

My pictures look at little creepy but at the time I only had my trusty film camera. Oh, and that is me in the pictures when I was 15.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pastel Kind of Feeling.

Allow my silky shirt to introduce you to my muscle-y man shoulders. I actually wasn't going to take any blog photos today. It was one of those days. Then when I started cleaning up the place I started feeling like putting on a spring outfit. One thing led to another and I ended up with every colour of tulip on me. I was just gonna take a quick pic so I would remember the outfit for future wearing but the light in my mom's bedroom was just too awesome! (Plus her curtains matched me!) I'm glad her room is decorated like an easter egg. So these are a little impromptu (Clearly I didn't even brush my hair) but sometimes a spontaneous outfit is just what the ol' wardrobe needs! 

dress / shoes - thrifted
hat - the bay
shirt - h&m
belt - uo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fade Into White

In an effort to spice things up around here I made an outfit video. I found it pretty hard to do without another person. Very time consuming. Of course my kitties and dog make an appearance. It wouldn't be the same without them right?! I have found out I am not as graceful as I think when looking at myself on camera and also I look like my brother with a wig on. Just what every girl wants to hear...

I just got back from walking the dog and it is GORGEOUS out! I splashed in a puddle and could smell some musty old grass. It was wonderful!

everything - thrifted

Song: Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

Saturday, March 12, 2011

North Country Guest Post

So I did a guest post for Michal from North Country Girl while she is abroad. check it out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Monochromatic Approach

I'm almost considering a month long hiatus from the ol blog. Not because I don't like blogging or anything, just because I can't seem to find the motivation to take yet another batch of photos covered in snow (this is also why the number of pics I take has significantly decreased).  I am sick of the driveway or deck steps but I have nowhere else to go! On the weekend the manfriend decided he needed to go into the valley behind my house to find a specific piece of wood to whittle a cup out of...?... (I find it's best not to ask why anymore).  When he came back I asked him how deep the snow was back there hoping it was starting to melt down a bit. Much to my dismay it was up to his waist still and even higher than his 6 foot self in some of the drifts. BLAST! I really just want to be able to walk somewhere, anywhere. Anyways in an effort to break away from my normal boring pictures, I went for a more monochromatic approach mirroring how I feel right abouts now!!

Well that was a bit of a whiney paragraph...I'd take it back but you have already read it! Suckers...

dress / cardigan - thrifted
jacket - old navy
boots - payless
scarf - modcloth