Monday, March 7, 2011

Blinded By The Light

Last week there was a 50% off sale at the goodwill. Obviously I woke up early to hit that up before work. I bought this coat and another for $3 each! It was also warm enough this weekend to emerge from the house and get outside for some pictures. Although along with the return of the sun so returns the constant squinting.  

Only one more month till this snow will start to melt. Only one more month till this snow will start to melt. Only one more month till this snow will start to melt. Only one more month till this snow will start to melt. Only one more month till this snow will start to melt. Only one more month till this snow will start to melt.

coat / scarf - thrifted
dress - ruche
tights - h&m
boots - the bay


  1. how awesome! Salvation Army would be so cool to have a sale at, I'm in dire need of some new new clothes :) Great coat

  2. That coat is ammmazing!! What a great find :) I swear this snow better start melting here before the 21st or else I'm gunna go crazy. That week away spoiled me I think.

  3. Haha I just read that entire paragraph of the same sentence. Im not quite sure why. Maybe your excitement as caught me : )

  4. Amazing finds from the thrift shop! I love that color of blue on you..and I love all the snow. can I come build a snow man with you? Kamloops snow is all melting, but seriously..who am I kidding? I am very excited about it! ;) xoxo

  5. Great find! Fingers crossed the meltiness starts early!

  6. how many months til the snow starts to melt?
    i love your thrifting finds!!!
    beautiful as always love.

  7. jeez! that's quite a bit of snow. i wonder when it's going to melt. ;)

    goodwill sales are my favorite! but where i live, they still manage to price a dress at 8 dollars. yes, it is true, even goodwill's prices are going up. :(

    what a beautiful shade of blue on you.
    have a lovely week!

  8. That is an awesome coat! I love when goodwill has sales. :)

    I thought the snow here would never melt seeing as how we got so much this winter but it rained all day yesterday and now it's pretty much gone. And looking at your pictures, I realize we didn't have all that much compared to where you live! Eek! It will melt soon enough though! :)

  9. Ooo such a pretty coat, & for $3?! That's crazy talk. Also, I've been saying the same snow mantra. I still can't believe how much snow there is!!

  10. It's adorable and WOW $3 -that's amazing. I adore cute clothes and I love them even more when they go on sale. ;-) xx veronika

  11. I love the jacket! It's such a pretty shade of blue, it's gorgeous on you.

    Good luck surviving the last month of snow! I think in one more month it'll be in the high 80s here...not fun.

  12. Muahhahahahahaah. I'm on the east coast (NL) and the snow has already begun to melt! You should be jealous. Spring is almost here. :)

    Love the boots! I don't think I've even shopped at The Bay before. Weird.

  13. What a great thrifted find! The coat looks great on you!

    Ahhh so much snow! I wouldn't be able to handle anymore snow. Sending some warm sunshine your way to melt all that stuff!

  14. Hi, hi! Just found your blog and I'm feeling guilty for enjoying the 70 degree weather we have over here on the east coast. :p How about we trade - I'll take some of that cold white stuff off your hands in exchange for some of this unseasonable warmness? :)


Thank You :D