Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Controlled Clutter

Well we all know why I'm stuck inside again... I'd rather not talk about it!

It feels like I have been at work for weeks. I only get one day off in 9 days (which I know is not really that long but it drags when you hate your job)! I get that day off today but I can't spend as much time blogging away as I would like because I have to go shovel out my car that is buried in my driveway...

I'm trying to find interesting places in my house to take some pictures. The house isn't that big so I think after this I'm out of options! I'd describe our decor style as controlled clutter. We have a lot of knick-knacks but it wouldn't feel like home without all of them.

Also does anyone have any ideas of what to do with your bangs when there in an awkward growing out stage?

sweater / belt / socks - thrifted
bracelet - gift
dress - h&m
mocs - laurentian chief


  1. i'm struggling with indoor photos as well. i think your house lends itself well to the task though! I typically end up rearranging everything to get the job done, which is fine, but i haaaate putting everything back where i found it.

  2. Oh my I love this outfit. So beautiful. And I love being able to see little snippets of your home!

  3. Sweet shots :) You are really making that indoor thing work - and no surprise *shiver* -24 sounds rather inhumane.

    Super cute dress, love your moccasins and even your cushion is hella adorable!

    9 days in a row is hard even if you loved your job. I haven't done it often - it always hit me like a ton of bricks. Hope you get a proper break soon :)

  4. I love your dress, its so pretty!! It looks great with the belt, and those moccasins are so cute. God it sounds like youve been working so much, thats pretty brutal!! Hopefully you'll get a little bit of downtime soon.
    That comment you made on lady balls was so funny, i am glad you appreciated it!!

  5. YAY you're back, and your inside photos are as beautiful as before. My favorite piece is the pillow - too charming.

  6. Your photos look great!

    I'm having indoor photo trouble too. I'm going to have to get creative.

    How do you make your photos that large without being blurry? I can make mine bigger, but they get so blurry.

  7. These photos are unbelievably stunning. I love the lighting in them. I loathe taking indoor photos, but gosh these are so pretty and inspiring makes me think twice about venturing out into the cold. Your dress is gorgeous:) I love that mix of stripes and print. Your home is quite perfect.

  8. oh i love these photos Shy!!!
    mine look like a hot mess when i do them indoors...these are beautiful.
    i am growing my bangs out too..so ANNOYING!!!
    i just pin them...that's all i know of. :P

  9. Great pics! You take such good ones, even indoors. You'd think being Asian, I would be able to take pictures, but alas, another Asian stereotype broken by yours truly.

    PS - worse than bangs is a whole head of awkward growing out hair...what to do what that???

    Finley @ Mommy Chic

  10. I am in love with that pillow. It is totally my style! I'm very sorry about your crappy weather, if it makes you feel better... the grass in my backyard is no longer visible. It just likes to tease us lately... melt, deep freeze, crazy snow storm then repeat! Gah! Canada, why must you torment us so?

  11. Your inside photos are just as lovely and artsy as your outdoor ones. Plus, then we get to see those adorable moccasins.

    The Auspicious Life

  12. Despite the indoor photos, I think your outfit is as good as ever and the indoor pictures actually made this outfit better! To me, it screams, looking adorable while being cozy around the house:)

  13. Let me tell you, you make the art of indoor photos seem effortless, but in reality it is one of the hardest things for me to do! And what kind of house is one without knick-knacks..not a happy one, that's for certain =]

    xoxo mama wolf.

  14. awesome pictures! i just found your blog! i love it and i'm following!!!!


  15. Your home always looks so lovely- that cushion for instance, love it! The dress is cute too. My hair has been at that awkward stage for a seriously long time! I usually pin bits at the side.. xx

  16. THe shoes are amazing ♥ And I love the bracelet too.

  17. Oh, I feel your pain!!! With having to do all those boring things and not getting to do all the fun things. But happy to see another one your fantastic posts:) I love you indoor photoshoot.
    As for your bangs and the awkward stage. Well that was the story of my life for like 2 years. I guess it depends how you part your hair. But I personally like a side swept band with a cute little clip. Or my lifesaver bobby pins. Twist the bangs, side swept bangs, any sort of bangs and then tuck it in wth a bobby pin...equals done hair :)

  18. oh your indoor pictures look amazing!!! i really struggle to take them inside my house is just so unphotogenic :). I love your striped cardi and floral dress, they look adorable togehter!!

  19. You are pretty good at the inside shots! I can't believe the weather right now! I came back from Cabo at the worst possible time. Ugh. I love your dress and cardi btw.

  20. I'm loving these in door shots - great snip-its of life around the house. And the light it lovely!

    I personally love the side-sweep for that growing bit of bangs.

  21. It is good your home is beautiful enough to take such great photos in.

  22. These shots came out really great! I love how your staircase is blue, & the shot from upstairs (where you're out of focus) is so cool. That's tough working 9 days straight, & I'm sure the weather doesn't improve things. Gosh, I can't wait until Spring.

  23. Ok, you look so cute with everything you're wearing and these indoors pics are amazing! Do you take the photos?


  24. Oh, and about the bangs, I had the same problem for so many weeks! I would use lots of headbands, pins, and braids were the most useful! Hope that helps. =)


Thank You :D