Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traipsing Through Hungary.

I have caught a bit of the travel bug lately. Unfortunately, I am in no financial spot to go traipsing around the world despite how much I want to. I can, however, go back in time a bit and reminisce about some adventures I have had. I took out a few photos from my travels through Hungary. This was almost 8 years ago to the day. It was such an awesome experience and I had so much fun. The downsides: I found no one spoke any English and I couldn't speak that much Hungarian so TONS of stuff was lost in translation and restaurant food got a bit dicey sometimes. By the end I was sticking to only MacD's because at least I could count on recognizing the food! Of course all this makes for funny stories now so I wouldn't have had it any other way.

My pictures look at little creepy but at the time I only had my trusty film camera. Oh, and that is me in the pictures when I was 15.


  1. you went to HUNGARY?!?!!! jealous!
    those pictures are beautiful. are they film?

  2. i want to go to hungary! :)
    as you know already from my tweets my husband's grandfather is hungarian and his grandmother is slovak.
    lots of stuffed cabbage and goulash during family get togethers..yumm!
    wonderful pictures.

  3. I love the effect of film cameras. These pictures are wonderful! Hungary seems amazing.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Ooo, beautiful images! I love my digital camera, but I miss using my old film camera. I think I'm going to have to dig it out again this summer!

  5. Oh, it's so cool that you visited Hungary! I've actually never been out of the US, boo! I think these pictures look really cool. Hooray for film cameras!

  6. Wow, these photos are gorgeous and I'm jealous that you went to Hungary! I've never left the country.


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  8. Awesome photos, I went to Budapest in 2008 and found it amazing- gorgeous architecture, everything's cheap and then there's the spas... but yes getting by was a little hard and think I resorted to a Mc D's for one meal too ;) it's funny looking back on things which at the time might have been a bit trying but which now we'd not change at all! Hope you get to travel again soon! xx

  9. Beautiful pics :) Teenage holidays are such crazyness - it is brilliant when you first go exploring abroad feeling all grown up :)

  10. I definitely have the travel bug these days, too. Unfortunately, I'm a poor college students and my spring break doesn't align to my family's. Sad sad sad. I look back on my trip to Indonesia when I was 15 all the time. I'm jealous of yours!

  11. oh my goodness. these photos are so gorgeous. like, seriously. that fist one? adore. as in i aaadddddoooore it.

  12. Really pretty pictures! I love the old abandoned ruins photos. Really gorgeous.

  13. Looks like a wonderful place....the photos are fabulous:)

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