Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Badly Behaved

You can thank my doggies for this post. They behaved so horrifically on our walk today I cut it waaaaaaay short thus having enough time to take some photos before work! Can we assume for this post that any pictures that are out of focus have been done so on purpose? While we are at it lets also assume my hair isn't all sweaty from our short walk/yelling-fest? Excellent.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sneak in some posts this week because I'm hoping on my only day off that I will be able to go on a job shadow for a company I really wanna work for. I've been attempting to set this up for weeks. Hopefully tomorrow it actually works out and I can be that much closer to getting a real job and get rid of this filler job! Speaking of filler jobs: I'm off to work! Hope everyone is having a less snowy day then me!

Oh, I finally got around to taking in the sides of this shirt. It was a maternity blouse and seriously must have been for that 8.5 month mark because I took about 5 inches out on each side!

shirt / coat - church rummage sale
jeans - joe fresh
belt - american eagle
socks - thrifted
boots - the bay
We are both sick of it!!!


  1. Bad puppies!!! My dog wakes me up by barking sometimes, so naughty. I love your plaid top, and I can't believe it was a maternity blouse, great finds in odd places. by the way I was impressed you braved walmart on a weekend!! Im scared of that place.
    Yes, let's make angry scowly faces and it will stop snowing and start being spring!!

  2. Thanks ill behaved canines - You are the best for making Shy blog! ;)

    Awesome blouse - love those colours and the bow at the collar :)

  3. Bad doggies! Is that jacob the wolf in the last picture? ;) You look so gorgeous in these pictures lady. I want to come play in the snow with you. Are you feeling the cabin fever yet? You are surrounded by so much snow! Cant get over it. Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo

  4. Hehe pesky dogs, looks like this one is howling at the moon or something ;) love that shirt, must've been a labour of love to take it in!! xx

  5. I'm taking a little break from thesis writing and thought hey, better stop by my favorite style blog spot! So happy I did. Love your, now non maternity, plaid top. So cute. You find the cutest things.
    Hope everything works out with that company and you get that job.

  6. im simply envious that it is still snowing over there!! its spring soon back there, really unpredictable weather which i really detest.. last pic of your dog is hilarious.

    your outfit is cute as always

    katrina xo


  7. Bravin' the outdoors, aren't ya? Cute outfit lady - your pup is adorable!! Haha

  8. My "bad day photos" are a lot worse than yours dear, so take heart! :D But this is quite a beautiful shirt - the colors are beautiful!

  9. gawsh - bad dog! (but cute dog...!)

    i love your coat! and gosh.... has the snow let up at all for you?! geez! :o


  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one left in winter! Your blog is great, I'm awarding you with the Versatile blogger award!


  11. haha that last picture literally made my laugh out loud. I am SO done with the snow too!! I love your blouse though, & your coat!

  12. Cute outfit, love! I'm glad you had time to take photos before work... and speaking of, good luck with the dream job! That's a great idea to do a shadow... I should do that!


  13. I hate filler jobs, I am just so ready for my "real life" to start! Good luck with it! I love that picture of your dog. It is just so darn cool.

  14. What Michal said, I totally guffawed there at the end. Hey ya know the good thing about all the white snow is that your background's always have this slight magical feel. I only get a foggy morning every six weeks or so where I can do that :/

  15. I am working a filler job as we speak. Although, mine is an awesome filler job it's just not what I want to DO. Good luck with your job hunt!

    That coat is so adorable! It looks so soft and cozy!

  16. oh i love the plaid!!! your boots and coat look so adorable :) I am so sick of the snow it melted here a few days ago and then came right back again. spring needs to hurry up and come asap!!!

  17. see, you're smart, though, for cutting your walk short when your dogs are being naughty. i have a 6-month-old boxer who's ALWAYS bad on our walks, but for some reason i think i just have to muscle through it...and he about rips my elbow out of socket every time. i'm an idiot. but, i just have to say: that blouse is fabulous! the colors/print are so friendly and, well, nice. "nice." kind of a dud word to end a comment on, but there you have it. you're adorable.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come check it out if you'd like!)

  18. OH MY GOSH, look at all of that snow! i can't believe it's still so cold where you are! Thankfully, we had one day of spring today and I was SO so happy to see the sun! I will send some warm weather wishes your way!:)

  19. it snowed here a little today :( i can see snow on my lawn and i am not happy about it! it looks pretty though, in your pictures! if only it weren't so cold. that picture of your dog is hilarious, so cuuuutttteee. i hope they are behaving themselves now!

    i know i meant to write this thought in a previous comment, but i can't remember if i did.. bear with me if this is the second time i'm saying this haha... nyc isn't so scary, i promise! just steer clear of times square and midtown and you'll be fine. i hate big crowds. i have to march through midtown every time i go into the city because that's where the railroad lets me off. if you wanted to wander around though, you can actually find some peaceful spots :)

  20. this shirt is so pretty. I love how it is made. beautiful.


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