Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Monochromatic Approach

I'm almost considering a month long hiatus from the ol blog. Not because I don't like blogging or anything, just because I can't seem to find the motivation to take yet another batch of photos covered in snow (this is also why the number of pics I take has significantly decreased).  I am sick of the driveway or deck steps but I have nowhere else to go! On the weekend the manfriend decided he needed to go into the valley behind my house to find a specific piece of wood to whittle a cup out of...?... (I find it's best not to ask why anymore).  When he came back I asked him how deep the snow was back there hoping it was starting to melt down a bit. Much to my dismay it was up to his waist still and even higher than his 6 foot self in some of the drifts. BLAST! I really just want to be able to walk somewhere, anywhere. Anyways in an effort to break away from my normal boring pictures, I went for a more monochromatic approach mirroring how I feel right abouts now!!

Well that was a bit of a whiney paragraph...I'd take it back but you have already read it! Suckers...

dress / cardigan - thrifted
jacket - old navy
boots - payless
scarf - modcloth


  1. I really admire you for all the hard work you put into this blog. Your photography and poses are always amazing. Sometimes I don't know how you get all these great angels with just a tripod!

  2. Well, at least your skirt is blooming ;) You look lovely :)

  3. i feel the same way - i'm so sick of the cold and wind and bleak landscape. i wish i could just fast-forward to june.

  4. i am sorry my love.
    all that snow would drive me insane too...
    BUT on the look beautiful..that should count for something!?!
    have a wonderful day!!

  5. I feel your pain. It snowed another 6 inches here today and come on its March, shouldn't it be over by now? But I do hope you find the motivation to go out and keep posting what you love even though its frustrating. You look great regardless.

  6. Your photos are never boring. NEVER. But I canNOT imagine doing self-photos in the snow and can't blame you for lacking motivation. :/ I hope you don't go on hiatus but I understand!

  7. Great pictures, though I hear ya on the blogging thing. I don't have snow covered steps, but I'm so busy right now, I feel like the little blog is sorely neglected! :(
    Mommy Chic

  8. I understand how you feel!! I never go further than my driveway when I'm here taking pictures, it's frustrating! But you look lovely, that skirt is gorgeous and all your photos are quite stunning :)

  9. I know just how you feel. I just want to be able to spend some time outdoors without getting cold. I hope the snow melts away soon.

  10. Great skirt! :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  11. awww... when does spring finally swing your way?

    I actually really love the snow-filled backdrops - it is so unlike anything I get around here :)

  12. I know how it feels to find motivation for outfit posts when it's crummy outside and winter seems never-ending. I really enjoy your indoor pics actually, so maybe you can do more of those for the time being...?

  13. Your dress is very pretty :) Argh I can only begin to imagine how it must be for you guys over there, I think I'd feel similarly frustrated with it all! You still offer us such lovely photos though xx

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  15. Whine all you want girl. Trust me, I will be doing PLENTY of it come August when it has been over a 100 for more than a month. I'm giving you fair warning ;]

    Anyways, I love your outfit and the florals are so gorgeous!

  16. oh i feel exactly the same way!!! i am so sick of the snow and freezing hands but your photos are always so beautiful!! i totally love your skirt :)

    P.S i just downloaded photoshop and i remembered you did a tutorial on it and i just wanted to say it was beyond helpful!!! i hate reading those manual things so yours was completly awesome!

  17. I admire your dedication and all the hard work you put in this blog. It really shows. But I totally understand your frustrations too.
    Life has gotten a little hectic for me. And the next 2 months are gonna be crazy, I am writing my 100 pg thesis.
    Needless to say, your posts always bring a little joy to my life. Even if they are monochromatic and full of snow:)

    When I am not cursing at the computer or deep in thought writing all about blogs and their impact on fashion and industry.
    I will definitely stop by your hot little blogspot.
    Hopefully the joyful sun will finally make an appearance for ya!

  18. I know how you feel. Not with snow, but with rain. It just sucks. I think your indoor photos look great though.


Thank You :D