Monday, November 29, 2010

My 50th Post-aversary

It's my 50th post today so if anyone out there isn't drinking a celebratory Jag Nog they better get one!! One of my favourite things about the Christmas season: when two wonderful beverages meet and become one. Mmmmm. Anyways! Anyone else go a little Ruche crazy on Thursday and Friday? I may have bought 3 dresses and 2 sweaters. I just couldn't help myself! I would have over-done it on Modcloth as well but they wont send to Box addresses (which I have because mail doesn't get delivered to the middle of nowhere). So alas, I remain Modcloth-less. In honour of my 50th post I bought some new to me flats that I am in love with! Full of Italian leathery goodness...

skirt / sweater / flats / jewlery - thrifted
tights - smart set

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekenders - Matou en Peluche

Here are some pretty Sunday pictures just for you. I really enjoy the art deco style of them. I didn't really embrace art deco until I took a History class on architecture and it might be one of my favourites now. Plus, who doesn't love a dachshund in a top hat?! They are all done by Sam Battersby of Matou en Peluche. There is an etsy store, blog, and website all full of beautiful posters, cards, and prints. I wish I had more wall space!

Since I got such a nice response from my last tutorial I have another one lined up for tomorrow. Don't worry it's not so long! Just a little trick I use for blurring photos. Have a good rest of weekend!

all drawings by Sam Battersby.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Yoga

Since it was so tropically warm out today I focused on getting the most vitamin D as I could. This led to a little impromptu yoga as I was so happy to not freeze after 10 min. I think this might be the only move I can slightly do standing up. I didn't really want to sit in the snow. The warmth and my new lunetmuse ring inspired this outfit. I also bought another ring for my friend for Christmas and to my surprise some hair pins were in my package! One of the reasons I love Etsy! Not only are the prices super reasonable but she's based right here in Edmonton. Now I'm eyeing this ring. I just love internet shopping!

I wish I could bring my other dog out with me sometime as he's a very photogenic, handsome young man but like all handsome young men he's a trouble maker. He's quite arrogant and just ignores me so he can't be off leash as he will just run away and I would get no pictures done. His name is Keko but I call him Shmekovski. I imagine he is Eastern European. Anyone else have any weird nicknames for your animals?

dress - american eagle
sweater / bangles - thrifted
scarf - save-on-foods
boots - the bay
tights - h&m
ring - lunetmuse

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"...Who Are You?"

I was going to take my pictures today against the hill so it would be all white...but as I was walking by the shed I thought, "This is closer." So here we are! I'm saying "Oh well, this will do!" in that first picture. I got rid of the coat for these pics but couldn't bring myself to leave the mittens and toque.

I found this belt buckle ages ago in the mother's closet. Since she is my resident hippie, this is the hooka smoking caterpillar from alice in wonderland circa 1974. Good thing they stamped the date on the back. I broke the hook and eye on the back of this skirt so I NEEDED the belt to keep it up! The caterpillar is just to cool.

When it warms up on friday you may see some more shed pictures as I'm going to venture across the field to my favourite cluster. It's just been too cold, I wanted to stay near my house so if hypothermia kicked in I could get back soon. In some of these pictures you can actually see my hair turning white as well as some mouse tracks, I just thought those were cute.

cardigan, skirt - thrifted
boots - old navy
belt - my mom's
shirt - american eagle
toque - ebay
tights - h&m

Sunset from our balcony last night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knits on Knits

How happy am I that I bought these wooly knee highs? Ridiculously happy! They passed the test. It's
-32 C out there right now with the wind and my legs didn't even feel it. Well the gap between sock and dress felt it but the rest didn't! The above photo is the only one I got without coat because, as I'm sure you understand, it was chilly. I'm also wearing rubber boots. Again my shoe choices are not vast.

I probably spent 40 min searching for my tripod before these pictures. I'm busy for a few days and suddenly my mother creates a new home for it without telling me. Moms these day, they are outta control. Is it lame that I'm 23 and still live at home?? I'm going to just keep telling myself it's not.

hat/socks - thrifted
dress - old navy
coat - gap
tights - smart set
gloves/belt - my mom's