Monday, November 8, 2010

Following the Tractor

I'm back! Yay! It was only a few days but I missed blogging!

Back to business: The new look. I've been contemplating what I'd like my blog to look like for awhile. I found this self portrait type thing I did years ago for school. It had been forgotten and lost in the depths of the computer. At first the Canadian came out in me and I thought it was bit self-centered to put a picture of me up there and then I remember 99% of the pictures on this blog are me so what's one more! Haha. Anyway I'm quite happy with this look.

Now to the outfit: Being a larger busted lady, I find strapless dresses quite tricky. I essentially spend all my time in the dress tugging and re-arranging in order to keep from flashing people. I find this one fits pretty good (it even has that rubbery stuff along the top to kinda help keep it up). I still don't think I would wear it without some kind of a cardigan on. For safety purposes...

dress - UO
cardigan - old navy
belt - my mom's
shoes - thrifted
necklace - found a key and put it on a chain


  1. Love these photographs! You do such an amazing job with them. And I love the new blog design!

  2. i LOVE the new blog design.
    i am horrible with the computer..ugh.

    of course..i looooooooove your photos.
    beautiful beautiful.
    and i totally agree with the strapless dress issue.
    i HAVE to wear a bra and the dress always seems to be falling down..
    drives me bonkers.

    have a great week love.

  3. Ohhhhh snap. You have a branch on your head and a bird on your glasses. THE NEW DESIGN IS FREAKING AWESOME.

    Are you the only person who lives in Canada? Because I absolutely love how your photos always make it look that way :) That last shot is breathtaking!

  4. Where to begin...first off, I ADORE the new blog design. The logo/self portrait you did is awesome!!! Love the colors and how clean it all is. You are incredibly talented.

    Also - I completely feel ya w/ the strapless issue. I am big busted myself and I find wearing dresses in general is quite tricky. I always end up going up a size or two just to accommodate my chest. Frustrating at times for sure, but you pulled this look off perfectly.

    Lastly, amazing photos (as always)! Have a lovely evening. xx

  5. i feel the same about strapless dresses! i can barely do a strapless bra. you seem to be doing great it in though! looks wonderful on you.

    btw, i'm 5'9'' sooo yeah, pretty tall. and i looooove maxi anything. so warm in the fall with tights on.

  6. Glad you're back! I'm in love with the new design. You did an excellent job! The logo is spectacular. The photography is great as well. I'm so jealous!



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