Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekenders - The Brother

All work and no blog, makes Shy a sad girl. Last weekend I decided I should have pretty artwork kind of weekend posts since I never have time to get in some pictures. Well... I have been too busy to really snoop around the web finding some I like and getting permission from the owners. So I had nothing to post. Oh boy! Am I a bad blogger or what!? Not only that, but I haven't done the tutorial I was planning AND I haven't got to visit any of your lovely blogs! So I am collectively thanking everyone for visiting and I will be catching up soon. Promise. 

So you maybe wondering: if I didn't have time to find artwork what am I posting? I decided I could use my older brothers art as it was readily accessible and it is pretty good. He is a tattoo artist so obviously his art is very tattoo-ish. I'm not sure what all of these are done in but I think it's pencil crayons, ink, and watercolour, markers...little bit of everything I guess. Anyway his names Forrest and here's his facebook page.


  1. Tattoo-ish, hehe. You make up the best words :) And I dig these!! There are no monkeys but other animals are pretty cool, too ;D

  2. Your brother is way talented! I love the tiger, so fierce.

  3. beautiful.
    he is really talented.
    plus..i like his name. :)

  4. wow i love his work, especially the second picture - it has a lichtenstein vibe :) your brothers very talented! x


Thank You :D