Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knits on Knits

How happy am I that I bought these wooly knee highs? Ridiculously happy! They passed the test. It's
-32 C out there right now with the wind and my legs didn't even feel it. Well the gap between sock and dress felt it but the rest didn't! The above photo is the only one I got without coat because, as I'm sure you understand, it was chilly. I'm also wearing rubber boots. Again my shoe choices are not vast.

I probably spent 40 min searching for my tripod before these pictures. I'm busy for a few days and suddenly my mother creates a new home for it without telling me. Moms these day, they are outta control. Is it lame that I'm 23 and still live at home?? I'm going to just keep telling myself it's not.

hat/socks - thrifted
dress - old navy
coat - gap
tights - smart set
gloves/belt - my mom's


  1. These pictures remind me of Christmas : ) And your new boots are lovely!

  2. Stunning photos as ever! Brrr, how cold does it get?? Glad you're keeping warm with those nice socks xx

  3. Yay for snow :D
    Yooh look all snug in a bug :) xx

  4. ridiculously jealous of your snow and your knee high socks. I'm praying for snow this week, but it probably won't come till january :( amazing thrifted hat x

  5. love the rubber boots.
    these pictures are beautiful Shy.
    you make me want to have snow..but not really. haha.
    and you know i love the over the knee socks with tights..
    you look absolulty lovely. (i am trying to use the word beautiful less, i use it to much...) :)

  6. I looove how comfy and cozy you look, I need to find my knee high socks (my mom misplaced them...I know how moms are...)
    Great photos, impressed that you braved the cold for these :)

  7. oh the photos are gorgeous!!! i can't believe how much snow you have!! your sweater is so cute and looks so comfy. I love the knee high socks i just bought some the other day and i am so excited to wear them!!

  8. Lovely photos and outfit! I love the abundance of knits, definitely requisite in -32 weather! Where abouts do you live?? I know it's Canada, but you must be somewhere near me for that landscape and coldness!

    ps thanks for the photoshop tutorial, I've been fiddling around with it, but it's not going too well! I'll try this out! xx

  9. Oh my gosh. I cannot even fathom it being that cold. I've never even been NEAR that cold. I probably wouldn't leave my bed. It's almost December and it's still 80F here!

    I love you outfit though, it looks super cozy and warm, which I'm sure you need!

  10. Gorgeous pictures/outfit :)

    Those knee socks sound fantastic. Anything that can make -32 (makes me shiver just thinking about it) manageable in a dress must be MAGIC!

  11. Those must be amazing knee highs if you didn't feel the cold at all. Can they use that fabric to make me a full body suit? I can't not stay warm these days.

    I saw you listed on Hello Monkeyface and thought I would pop over. I can see why she was inspired by you. You have a lovely blog and fabulous style.

    The Auspicious Life

  12. I love your hat, really cute!

    Check out my blog!


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