Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday we went to a farm auction. There were a few things I wanted to bid on but there was so much stuff that after 3 hours of waiting nothing I had my eye on had come up. So we left empty handed. On the way back we stopped at an abandoned little farm. This was the first time I enlisted my boyfriend to take pictures. He wasn't really into it so there isn't that much variety of pictures. He will have to be my photographer while we are out and about though. I'll win him over!

I didn't like trespassing for photos. I kept thinking an angry farmer was going to come out after me so we took these pictures fast. Here are a few finds I wanted to get!

coat / tights - h&m
dress - smart set
boots - the bay


  1. You look adorable! And what a beautiful place! I really like the pics. Especially the one of the barn with the birds flying over it.

  2. My gracious these photos are amazing! I love the one w/ the birds flying overtop.

  3. yay! canada! great photos!
    feel free to Follow me

  4. Haha! I've had an angry farmer chase my friend and I down. Pretty scary. JP says he doesn't like taking my photos either, but I'm determined to win him over. I think he secretly likes it. lol.

  5. How cool is this! Love your sense of adventure. Photos are lovely as usual. I would have nightmares about that farmhouse thought. It could easily be the set for a scary movie. Beautiful but also mysterious.


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