Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Canada With Love

I have learned my lesson from yesterday's freezing adventure. I guess this time of year you need to be more functional than fashionable. Good thing I have my wonderful thrifted coat that meets both halfway. 

Here are some of my coats stats:

- Made of pure virgin wool
- Interior is pure satin-y goodness
- Has to weigh over 10 lbs
- Fits like a dream
- So so so warm
- Cost $10

I actually left it at the store to go home to think about buying it. $10 is a big investment! I'm glad I went back because I think I'll be getting some good wear out of it this winter! And of course Chaucee's cowl matched the coat perfectly! Later this week I'm going to hopefully have a photoshopping tutorial up on how to make your piece of junk camera appear to take nice pictures!

skinny cowl - taylor house
skirt / coat - thrifted
boots - ebay


  1. That coat was definitely a score! Beautiful photos!

  2. Lovely lovely photos! And definitely a great buy! It's lovely when you find a thrifted item that fits you like a glove, I always think it means it was meant to be :)

  3. wow thats a really good deal, the coat is awesome, fits so well! i love it with your big scarf, expecially the colour mix, xxx

  4. That coat is perfect. I've been looking for a cute toggle coat for months now. Great find :)

  5. make me so cold.
    you are a warrior out there in the snow with your camera.
    i am pretty sure the husband will not be doing that..hahaha..
    you look beautiful and that coat is all kinds of amazing.

    --from west virginia with love

  6. This is very fairytale -like. Beautiful coat and scarf - I just love those colors together!

  7. what a great coat! and i love how you showed the vintage Sears tag. ironically, today i'm wearing a vintage 70s blouse from sears!

    you look so darling in the snow. beautiful! the two colors you've got going on here remind me of my coat and scarf from my post a few weeks back. we matched!

    xx elanor

  8. What a lovely winter coat! The red is such a nice pop of color, too. I can't believe you already have snow! Our trees are just shedding their leaves right now.

    ♥ Julia

  9. You look beautiful! That coat is QUITE the find!

  10. i love your coat!! the colour is so pretty!! i have been searching thrift stores for a winter jacket but no luck yet :( hopefully soon though!!

  11. Love these pictures! You look great! Like a true dark fairytale, like you should be hanging out with the Brothers Grimm :)

  12. I'm glad you splurged on the coat, it's a fabulous color and looks so good on you!

    I really like the look of your photos, they have a winter-y feel to them. Not bad at all!

  13. I LOVE that coat!!! It would keep me quite warm as a California girl unaccustomed to these extreme winters in Northern Europe. Maybe not as cold as where you are though ;-)

  14. I love this set of images. I mean, snow makes me miserable, but it looks like such a wonderland there! Also, that coat is gorgeous and a total steal. I love that it has a hood too!


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