Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That Wise Old Bird?

In an effort to disguise the horrendous quality of my photos today, I made it a little more graphic than usual. Not only was my camera quality horrible but I was F***ING FROZEN out there.

I had big blogging plans when I woke up to big snowflakes falling gently in the breeze. By the time I got ready you couldn't see the snowflakes on camera and the breeze was now full blustery winds. Nuts. It's -10 C....-19 C with wind chill. I just weather networked that.

Note to self: Wear pants. Wear a cape that is made of solid material. Don't walk to the furtherest place ever for pictures. Don't leave the house.

So I didn't take very many pictures and I didn't smile since my face had froze to that position.

On a warmer note: hot chocolate, naps, and movie watching are in order today.

edit: OH EM GEE. Rebecca from The Clothes Horse put me on her tumblr today! This made my day! I don't say oh em gee for just anything!!

pattern from squid fingers


  1. umm..i love those boots.
    and you look REALLY cold..hahaha..the things we do for our blog.
    i will prob. be doing the same thing when it gets super cold here too.
    loooove the last picture.
    beautiful as always my dear.

  2. Hey, a fellow Canadian! Whereabouts are you at? Your backgrounds are spectacular.

  3. Love the outfit pretty lady! The boots are awesome.
    And MAN is it cold up there! We're still pushing 60 degrees F ! Like spring weather!

  4. I just found your blog and I looove the settings in your pictures! I can't believe how cold it is there but I guess it's all in the name of the blog :D

  5. I'm *in* Edmonton! OMG. We've got to become new besties.

  6. Cute!!! I like what you did with these photos!!! I also love your new blog banner and sidebar headings. :)

    Oh man. I am sooooo sad that it snowed! Now it's going to be snowy for the rest of our photos until like June!!! haha. :)

  7. OK, my new favorite verb is officially "weather networked." LOVE the wallpaper, very creative. And quit making me not want to go to school in favor of hot choc/naps/movies! :/

  8. These photos are amazing, really atmospheric!

    Sally x


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