Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"...Who Are You?"

I was going to take my pictures today against the hill so it would be all white...but as I was walking by the shed I thought, "This is closer." So here we are! I'm saying "Oh well, this will do!" in that first picture. I got rid of the coat for these pics but couldn't bring myself to leave the mittens and toque.

I found this belt buckle ages ago in the mother's closet. Since she is my resident hippie, this is the hooka smoking caterpillar from alice in wonderland circa 1974. Good thing they stamped the date on the back. I broke the hook and eye on the back of this skirt so I NEEDED the belt to keep it up! The caterpillar is just to cool.

When it warms up on friday you may see some more shed pictures as I'm going to venture across the field to my favourite cluster. It's just been too cold, I wanted to stay near my house so if hypothermia kicked in I could get back soon. In some of these pictures you can actually see my hair turning white as well as some mouse tracks, I just thought those were cute.

cardigan, skirt - thrifted
boots - old navy
belt - my mom's
shirt - american eagle
toque - ebay
tights - h&m

Sunset from our balcony last night.


  1. that is SUCH a cool belt! and all your photos make me miss the snow a bit. :( (i used to live in minnesota, now i live in california...haha..)

    such a cute outfit! the tights and layering all look quite warm and adorable.

    xx elanor

  2. That belt is soooo cute. I love this outfit, that cardigan is really awesome, and your tights look so comfy. I am just sitting here about to go take my pictures and am unwilling to venture any further than my backyard because of the weather
    great photos!

  3. You live in such a beautiful place! It's great for taking pictures.
    And I adore all the patterns in this outfit. Your shirt, cardigan, and mittens are so great.
    Ps - Have a great Thanksgiving pretty lady!

  4. Oh my goodness, your blog is adorable! As is this outfit - love the stripes and check together.

    Also, that belt is AMAZING.


  5. Yessss! Those sweater tights are so amazing! Perfect to keep you cozy.

  6. Shy, you are so cute. i love the first picture.
    that belt is amazing..i wish my mother had something remotely like that in her closet.
    i love the texture of those tights..
    your beautiful as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. YIKES, you have got to be careful!! I am such a baby when it's 40 degrees ABOVE zero, I cannot imagine how you survive photo shoots in 40 below. But we keep eating it up so thanks ;) And the belt buckle is SMASHING.

  8. Amazing belt, I love the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland! Loving the sunset.. hope it gets a bit warmer for you soon! x

  9. you must be freezing but the photos are fab so it was worth it :) i want that belt! x


Thank You :D