Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekenders - Amber Alexander

Since I don't usually have time to get outfit posts out on the weekend I thought I could break up my usual posts with some beautiful artwork. Although in recent years I haven't felt very inspired to draw or paint, I used to! I should start again and I've tried but I want my skills to be up to where they were when I slowed down on the artwork and they just arn't. If you don't use it, you lose it! And I've lost it. I'm too impatient right now to start building up my skills again. Anyways...

I found these on etsy by Amber Alexander. I love watercolours and I love how you see real personality in all her beautiful paintings. It really brings them to life for me! Some even have a little story around them that I thought was super cute. Have a good sunday night everyone!

You can find these pretty pictures here.


She dreamed of seeing her name up in lights.

"Les Mews"
(aka French Revolution Kitty)

"Baby Blue"

and a very saucy seahorse she is.

All paintings by Amber Alexander.


  1. oh my i love these.
    i love love love watercolor.
    but as a painter i have never tried horrible am i..!?! :)
    her work is beautiful...i LOVE showgirls..
    enjoy the rest of your sunday Shy..

  2. aww. i just noticed you put up my button. i <3 you.
    i took me 2 hours to finally figure out how to make one..blah!!!
    i fixed it again so its the right copy and paste code too..
    i swear i need to take a class in html..

  3. Great blog! Hope you'll become a follower of my blog too?

  4. these are beautiful...! i've attempted water coloring, but i really wish i was better at it...!

    xx elanor

  5. Thanks for sharing! The owl is truly fantastic :)


Thank You :D