Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Rising Sun

No Snow!!!!! We had a nice weekend and got rid of all that gross snow! Off with the tights and on with the sandals. It is like a last hoorah for warm weather. It wasn't that warm but it looked like it so I wanted to get out a grab a few pictures this morning. By the way this is my "I have no time to take pictures AND do my hair before I work" hairdo. Ok so there was a bit of laziness too.

A few days ago Marisa from Shades of Monet awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award which means I have to share another 7 fun facts about me?! I don't think I have that many so maybe I'll give you some essentials instead. 

-While my real name is pronounced Shy, someone thought it would be a good idea to throw an e in there so it is in fact spelt Shey. I leave out the e for pronounciational purposes!
-I've lived in the same place all my 23 years.
-I have an older brother who is a tattoo artist and a younger brother who is a brick layer. 
-I have a diploma in graphic design and architectural technology.
-First concert I ever went to was Bryan Adams...last one I went to was Joe Cocker.
-I've traveled to Hungary, some north west states, and everywhere in the UK. Next I want to see eastern Canada.
-I have watched Coronation Street since I was 12.

Thanks to Marisa for the award!

sweater - dex
dress - thrifted
scarf - payless
shoes - rocketdog


  1. 23 years?! Do you have a desire to make a permanent move or are you content? It looks like a really cozy place :)


  2. I didn't know Payless had scarves! And those shoes are so adorable.

  3. love this whole outfit.
    the scarf is so cozy looking. you look beautiful as ALWAYS!!! :)
    i want to travel to Hungary..my husband's grandfather is from there.


Thank You :D