Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I'd like to introduce one of the skirts I made. I based it on this skirt with some intentional and unintentional  alterations. Intentional - high waisted, unintentional - not being able to overlap it. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

One of the many things I hate about snow is that your shoe choices significantly diminish. Everything must be high to keep from soaking your feet, which leaves me with about 3 choices. Annoying.

I'm doing a clopen shift today and tomorrow at work (close tonight till 10:15, open tomorrow at 6:45) and there is a big sale saturday. Hopefully I don't work Sunday so I can get back to more important things, like this blog! Have a good weekend!

skirt / cowl - handmade
tights / shirt - h&m
sweater - winners
vest / necklace - thrifted
shoes - spring
wouldn't this tree be the best if it was decorated?? 


  1. It looks so cold! This look is super cute. i love this skirt and your boots. Stylish and functional!

  2. i love that skirt..i am so impressed.
    i wish i could sew. i really need to take $$$$ less shopping. :)
    that tree is huge and so are you..but you already knew i was going to say that.

  3. I really love this outfit as I posted on chictopia. Also I loove these photos, they look amazing! I am following you now, us Edmonton girls must stick together

  4. That is an adorable skirt girl! I wish i had time for things like this. Maybe when I get out of school? Haha

  5. Well the shoes are absolutely fantastic, so at least one of your 3 choices is a good one! And clopen shifts are the WORST, I vote for staying up all night blogging and just foregoing sleep altogether ;)

  6. You have so much snow!! I'm so jealous!!! I love your shoes. So much. And I love those tights- I have them too :)

  7. hey, i invite you to participate on my giveaway!

  8. good job with the skirt, and snow makes everything look so magical! x

  9. loving all the pics i want ot to snow here xxxxx

  10. These prints are so pretty and delicate. I like the way they look together!

    I completely understand the shoe dilemma, except it's not just in the Winter, I'm just the sort of lame person with a small shoe collection always. :/

    Well! Do your best to make it through the clopen shift! I personally would rather be taking pictures and playing in all that fab snow!

  11. you. are. adorable. i love your quizzical expression in the first photo, and who ever took these is a genius. and your scarfy thing is awesome x

  12. love your skirt! the colour is amazing!
    following you!
    follow back?

  13. I can't believe you made that skirt!!! It's so perfect. :) And I also can't believe you are out in the snow. I'm such a baby. I hate being cold. All I want right now is a fireplace. lol.

  14. Beautiful pictures. And I love your skirt. You are very talented and have a great eye for styling. Very cute.


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