Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jealousy and Ungratefulness

My other shoes are getting jealous of me wearing boots constantly. Who am I to deny them some walking? But the shoes are picky and don't want to walk in the snow. So behold... entrance pictures! (I also don't want to throw a coat over my favourite vest. That's just mean. PLUS -37 C (-34 F) with the thanks.)

Since this post is all about fairness BOTH my doggies make an appearance in this one. Ninny hasn't been creepin around my pictures for awhile so I thought she could join me for a few and Keko never gets into my pictures because he's a bad boy and runs away immediately upon leaving the house if not on his leash. Dogs these days. We have 6 acres of fenced yard and he jumps the fence to run amuck! Ungrateful swine!

Oh by the way, it's my 100th Post-a-versary!

vest / sweater / bracelets - thrifted
jeans - gap
shoes - uo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junk House

That first picture was the only one I took outside today. Not only is it BLINDING out but super windy so I moved inside the old shed for the rest. It used to house pigeons, chickens, and pigs at various points but now it just houses junk.

I had such a fun weekend! If you didn't know already, I don't really hang out with people outside of work simply because everyone lives in the city and I don't. Despite that I hung out with some of the guys I went to college with Thursday. I totally forgot how much fun we have together! We all decided we should quit our jobs and just hang out on campus forever!! That would be the perfect life. Next night I went to a heavy metal gig. I wore my leather jacket to blend in. I don't think it worked as mine is from Winners and everyone else's jackets were probably forged from the leather of satan himself. Plus my cover was blown when I ordered a wine spritzer. We carried on to a more Shy-friendly pub and I drank way too many "Burt Reynolds" (which are delicious by the way). 

Also, the effect that I used on these photos is the same in my tutorial but I skipped step 4 (desaturating) and upped the exposure first. I rather like the results!

jacket - winners
scarf / dress - old navy
tights - h&m
socks / belt - thrifted
mittens - from peru
good ol' rubber boots

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tutorial: Making Any Bag a Camera Bag

So I've recently bought a fancy shmancy camera but have no bag for it ( I love the JoTotes but I'm not made of money). So I thought I would make myself one whith some stuff I had laying around. First I took a medium sized bag that I already had. I love it but find it too big to be my purse but too small to be an overnight bag. Then I grabbed some fabric we had waiting to be used. Last I got a small piece of flooring underlay. Since I work at a building supply store this was readily available for me and cheap! 
Once you've got your stuff together you need to measure out the sizes of foam you need to surround your bag. I choose to have one long piece for all the sides, one piece for the bottom, and one piece for a divider.
Next I cut out my fabric by placing my foam right on it, folding the fabric over to cover both sides of the foam, and then just cutting around the foam with an extra inch for my seam. 
Everything is ready to start sewing!

Sew two of the sides with the fabric folded so good sides are in. Leave one side unstitched.

Once your done sewing turn the covers inside out and place your foam inside.

Fold the open sides inward.
Slip stitch the open side. (I clearly am not the best slip stitcher.)
Place your bottom piece of foam inside your bag. Wrap the long piece around the sides of the bag and add the divider. You could add velcro or slip stitch the divider to the outer wrapping but I wanted to be able to move it around or take it out if I needed to. 
Now you have a lovely new camera bag. I can also just take out my foam and stick it in another similarly sized bag to protect my camera and match my outfit!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Slight Exaggeration

I had big plans this morning to put my snowsuit on over my outfit and crawl through the snow to get to an old shed but (because complaining about weather is a national pastime here) it was too cold. I only got as far as the bench beside our house.

I've been wearing this outfit (but with jeans) for about 3 days now. When I really like an outfit I feel like it deserves to be worn for more than the car ride to and from work. So it gets 3 days worth of car rides to and from work! Gonna go brave the minus a bazillion out to take the dog for a jog...

bow - from when I was a kid
shirt / cardigan / skirt / scarf - thrifted
jacket - old navy
tights - ardene
boots - ebay

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Government House Valentine.

Since I have to work tonight the manfriend (Curtza-Roozle as I affectionally call him) and I had our little valentines day on Friday night. By that I mean we went for a gawk walk... which is my favourite thing to do. There is one neighbourhood in the city that has the most wonderful houses and I like to go walk (or drive) around looking at them all. I guess it's kind of a creepy hobby if you live in any of those houses! One street has a roundabout surrounding a big fountain that is usually packed with people but I thought no one would be there since it was 11:30 PM on a Friday night in February and it would be a  good place to take some pictures. Turns out I was right, it was empty. I then realized no one was there because it's essentially a giant pile of snow.  As we drove around looking for another spot we found this building which I have never seen before. Some kind of government house, only nowhere near the other legislative buildings? Of course another obnoxious couple came along screeching and smelling of marijuana cigarettes (thats what the cool kids call that right?!) and we left deciding that for the rest of the night we could only talk in sing-song. Good thing I have a whole song about Curtza-Roozle. It involves noodles, poodles, strudels, and canoodles (lame, you say? Isn't that what valentines day is about?!)...

cowl - Taylor House
coat - gap
sweater - j.crew
dress - ruche
belt / bag / shoes - thrifted
tights - h&m

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pouty McPouterson

Winter is starting to get to me. Especially when concerning taking pictures. I tried to venture into a more wooded area but kept breaking through the snow, which started annoying me. I searched for harder ground and found a little area but eventually fell through there too so I just sat down for a pout! I wish the snow would just hurry up and go already but I know I'm going to been annoyed with it for at least another 2 months. I'll just have to pout until May...

falling in and pouting.

shirt / vest - thrifted
dress - rw & co.
tights - h&m
boots - the bay
ok...I'll stop pouting now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Away

I've been on a self-imposed clothing purchasing ban. I did go into to the thrift store the other day though to find some yoga/pilates new year's resolution reject dvds but I found this handmade dress instead. I HAD to break my rule. I want to wear this dress day and night. I love the colours, the print, the style, the not-so-even hemline. I couldn't live without it! When I put it on it fit to a tee and even made my boobs look small (no easy feat)! For $5 I couldn't say no. You can't put a price on love, right?! 

So I thought I'd bring out my now second prized-possession to pair with it. My favourite suitcase. I transformed it way way way back in this post. I feel like running away to a warmer climate where I can frolic in my new dress everyday...

oh, and we had a wonderful sunrise this morning.

cardigan / belt / dress / shoes - thrifted
cowl - taylor house
tights - h&m