Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Slight Exaggeration

I had big plans this morning to put my snowsuit on over my outfit and crawl through the snow to get to an old shed but (because complaining about weather is a national pastime here) it was too cold. I only got as far as the bench beside our house.

I've been wearing this outfit (but with jeans) for about 3 days now. When I really like an outfit I feel like it deserves to be worn for more than the car ride to and from work. So it gets 3 days worth of car rides to and from work! Gonna go brave the minus a bazillion out to take the dog for a jog...

bow - from when I was a kid
shirt / cardigan / skirt / scarf - thrifted
jacket - old navy
tights - ardene
boots - ebay


  1. Such a beautiful scarf and I love the bow on you too :) Definitely bears repeating!

  2. It is nice to know that people wear the same outfit multiple times during a week, which is what I do too. hehe. looks cute too!!!!

  3. I find both your style and photography, so inspirational. I adore this outfit and I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who likes to wear an outfit over and over again! xx veronika

  4. i love the bow and scarf many pretty colors! :)
    when i find a outfit i enjoy i wear MANY are not alone.
    stay warm...would you hate me if i told you it was 60 degrees here today..!?! haha..

  5. the bow is SO adorable! love it. :) and your scarf reminds me of spring - it's right around the corner isn't it?

    so cute. i love the second photo. hope your week is going well!


  6. Bitching about the weather is definatly a national pastime here! I love the cardigan, and that scarf is sooo prettyu. Such gorgeous colours :)
    You are brave for going out to jog the dog. I barely want to go outside to feed the fat (rabbit).

  7. So many perfect little details make up this outfit- the floral pattern on the scarf, the polka dotted bow, the lace, your pretty mittens- LOVE! Your hair looks SO awesome too.

    Oh and it's minus a bazillion here too so you're not alone. i want spring so bad.

  8. HAHAHAHA national pastime. Brilliant.

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, Shy!! The scarf!!!!!!

  9. Oh, you're just the cutest! I love your bow and scarf :)

  10. The print on your scarf is lovely! And the bow is cute too :p And you're definitely not the only one to re-wear something, it's such a shame not to when it's something so nice! xx

  11. Aw, I love that you're wearing a bow from childhood, that's adorable! And I love that scarf-- good thrifting!


  12. hey shey-ana! and no you're not "in trouble" ;)

    i saw your entry on joe fresh's tumblr - too cute! was on it b/c i was going to send in my own submission today but didn't realize all the other stylish/rad, from canada too! that were there as well.

    love your snowy goodness photos and that snow picnic (i was on a stroll and saw it on a previous post) is such a clever idea. way to brave a cold bum for fun times! very pretty outfit lades, the bright scarf is beauteous and your bow (from childhood - cool) is darling!

    plus i'm diggin' the graphical elements, no wonder you've got a degree, stellar header. ♥

  13. I just read about your blog on The Upside of cute! I love your hair bow and the fact that you've had it since childhood!

  14. I love the print on your scarf and the bow in your hair, so fun!

  15. your photos are always so so beautiful and i totally wear the same outfit over and over and over maybe changing one or two things, i think you definitely need a good staple outfit to turn to!!

  16. I love your blog honey. I especially love this outfit. I loved all of the tones and textures. Two thumbs up for your styling!!!

    Please check out my blog, if you have time.

    Talk to you soon.

  17. Holy cow! Could your scarf BE any prettier?? IT's positively lovely! I love the colors.


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