Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junk House

That first picture was the only one I took outside today. Not only is it BLINDING out but super windy so I moved inside the old shed for the rest. It used to house pigeons, chickens, and pigs at various points but now it just houses junk.

I had such a fun weekend! If you didn't know already, I don't really hang out with people outside of work simply because everyone lives in the city and I don't. Despite that I hung out with some of the guys I went to college with Thursday. I totally forgot how much fun we have together! We all decided we should quit our jobs and just hang out on campus forever!! That would be the perfect life. Next night I went to a heavy metal gig. I wore my leather jacket to blend in. I don't think it worked as mine is from Winners and everyone else's jackets were probably forged from the leather of satan himself. Plus my cover was blown when I ordered a wine spritzer. We carried on to a more Shy-friendly pub and I drank way too many "Burt Reynolds" (which are delicious by the way). 

Also, the effect that I used on these photos is the same in my tutorial but I skipped step 4 (desaturating) and upped the exposure first. I rather like the results!

jacket - winners
scarf / dress - old navy
tights - h&m
socks / belt - thrifted
mittens - from peru
good ol' rubber boots


  1. Love those socks and that blue skirt on you!

    ps. my glasses are totally cheap! they are Juicy Couture, and I think the frames were under $125.

  2. What a lovely jacket! I neeed something leather, I swear.

  3. I tried to take pictures outside just now, took 2, the lighting was ridiculous and I was freezing my butt off so I decided to quit haha. Perhaps after work I'll take some inside.
    I looove your jacket its amazing, and your blue dress is really lovely

  4. Looking awesome with the belted jacket:) Lovely gloves too!

    Sounds like a most excellent weekend eventhough it is sad to hear you're lacking in satan leather. And I thought you were one of the cool kids! ;)

  5. What exactly is in a Burt Reynolds? I am intrigued!

  6. I really so like this photo effect!
    And I don't know what a "Burt Reynolds" is, but it sounds amazing just based on the name.

  7. glad that you had a good weekend! i've never heard of a burt reynolds before, but it sounds intriguing...

  8. Interesting location for a shoot! I would've been the same, no super cool leather jacket and wine all the way :D xx

  9. i love the blue and black together.
    i love this outfit location.

  10. I love you outfit and these pictures! They are great!!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  11. The photos are great, Shy!
    Hanging out with old friends is awesome the best : )

  12. sweeeeeet location.. looks amazing :)

  13. I am in LOOOOVE with these photos!!! ahhh! :)


Thank You :D