Friday, February 4, 2011

A Quick Picnic

Since it's been so nice and warm I thought I'd shed my coat and tights and go for a tan. I know I wont be getting a tan anytime soon but it's nice to pretend sometimes. I'm starting a random side project blog. It will have nothing to do with my closet and might be one of those "interesting only to the person who made it" kind of things but oh well! Ill show you guys soon! Have a good weekend!

vest / cardigan / skirt / belt / jewlery - thrifted
shirt - winners
shoes - steve madden


  1. I love the idea of a snow picnic!! It has been super nice lately, makes me happy :) I looove this outfit, such great layering and the floral skirt is gorgeous

  2. you're going for a tan in the snow?!
    hehe love your skirt and actually really really love that blanket too :) x

  3. dont forget to put on is very crucial for us pale girls!
    you look lovely as ever...that shirt is a great thrift find.
    i have the hardest time finding skirts at thrift stores..blah.
    have a wonderful weekend love!

  4. Well lookie there, you're not so pale that you blend with the snow, that's always a good thing!

    This outfit is sooo adorable. I probably say something to that extent a lot, but your mixing is something I don't see much of. A vest over a cardigan? That's new to me! I love how you think outside the box.

  5. Yay! I love side project blogs! I can't wait to see what you have. And you are one brave woman to sit on the snow like that! :D

  6. Loving your shirt and skirt... Super cute, Shy!

  7. I love your florals and that belt! Sooo cute:) It's so creative to sit on a blanket like that. I've always wanted to take sitting pictures!

  8. Ah, I would never be on the ground in the snow hehe. I'm such a wimp. I love this outfit girl, and you are super brave for wearing those shoes in the snow!


  9. Girl, you're crazy! But the photos look great. I love the shot of your feet.

    I have a side blog too. Actually two, but the latest one is a book blog. I don't really think it's interesting to anyone other than me. Can't wait to see your new blog!

  10. Brrr I feel cold looking at these pics, but you look v cute, love all your thrifted finds! xx

  11. Oh, you look so pretty. Well it is warm here too. A nice 6 degrees..brrr.. actually the coldest its been. This weather is not for me:)
    Another fabulous look Ms. Shy. I love you hair. So cute.
    Just checked out your other blog. Such beautiful pictures. You are very talented.

  12. you're so silly and cute! a snow picnic! i never would have thought of it!

    and i love this outfit. so so adorable. i shall remake it sometime. :) but i don't have a belt as awesome as that one....


  13. holy goodness!
    i love this outfit and the setting of these photos. lovely, just lovely.

    Love and Such,

  14. How sweet:) I definitely don't have the guts to sit on the snow like that..even if it's on a cute blanket like yours. It's hard enough standing in the frigid air. I absolutely love your hair like that!! And gorgeous skirt:)


Thank You :D