Monday, February 14, 2011

The Government House Valentine.

Since I have to work tonight the manfriend (Curtza-Roozle as I affectionally call him) and I had our little valentines day on Friday night. By that I mean we went for a gawk walk... which is my favourite thing to do. There is one neighbourhood in the city that has the most wonderful houses and I like to go walk (or drive) around looking at them all. I guess it's kind of a creepy hobby if you live in any of those houses! One street has a roundabout surrounding a big fountain that is usually packed with people but I thought no one would be there since it was 11:30 PM on a Friday night in February and it would be a  good place to take some pictures. Turns out I was right, it was empty. I then realized no one was there because it's essentially a giant pile of snow.  As we drove around looking for another spot we found this building which I have never seen before. Some kind of government house, only nowhere near the other legislative buildings? Of course another obnoxious couple came along screeching and smelling of marijuana cigarettes (thats what the cool kids call that right?!) and we left deciding that for the rest of the night we could only talk in sing-song. Good thing I have a whole song about Curtza-Roozle. It involves noodles, poodles, strudels, and canoodles (lame, you say? Isn't that what valentines day is about?!)...

cowl - Taylor House
coat - gap
sweater - j.crew
dress - ruche
belt / bag / shoes - thrifted
tights - h&m


  1. What a cool house! You look great--and the new layout looks good too!

  2. That house looks amaaaazing! And don't worry, I often do little house-envy trips where I pout outside picture perfect cottages wishing they were mine... xx

  3. ♥ your bag and shoes
    That house! I am sort of expecting it to take off and fly away like the one in that Steven King story..

  4. What a cute idea for Valentines. I don't think your hobbie is that weird. My parents used to take us for drives when we were little to look at all the giant fun houses in Calgary, and I still love doing it. There is one house that has mini golf on their front lawn!!

    PS. Love your dress, coat, and shoes!!!!

  5. that house is beautiful.
    love everything about your outfit..perfect for a walk with a loved one! :)
    happy valentine's day love! <3

  6. It literally says government house, HA, I think that's funny :) WHOA OMG that last photo is freaking CRAZY awesome looking. And I'm glad you guys had a fun date!

  7. That house is soo cool, I used to love driving around with my mom when I waslittle and looking at the open houses and walking around them. Its so fun!

  8. i'm the biggest snoop ever, i love walking around and staring in people's houses. this house is beautiful!

  9. I wanted to say thank you so much for your comment on my post after i got punched, its good to know there are people like you out there that would never do anything like that, and encourage people who it happens to to stay strong. You're a doll

    Ok, on to your post...gawk walk!? AMAZING! I love that term. I do that all the time. I looove driving through neighborhoods staring at houses with my boyfriend. Also, your outfit is darling.

  10. nice location! i wonder what a government house is exactly haha..

    exploring different neighborhoods is so much fun.. you never know what you'll find.

    and in response to your post on my blog.. OMG i'm a bit jealous that you live near Banff! haha.. it looks ridiculously awesome. i can't wait to go.. i just have no idea when that will be :)

  11. These are beautiful photos - I love the lighting. You look great as always!!


  12. That looks like an amazing place to live near.
    Great outfit, the combo of the scarf and dress work really well.

  13. Beautiful pictures and wonderful date. We totally gawk walk. I'm glad to have a name for it now...seems more legitimate.

    The Auspicious Life


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