Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Before you panic, I am wearing my bright red snow pants and rubber boots under this dress. I would be crazy to just wear tights under there. Obviously I wouldn't wear this outfit with my snow pants out but you can't see them on here so we'll pretend I'm not! I originally wanted to take these pictures out in the field so it would be all white but it was so windy today I had a vision of my tripod toppling over with my new camera being submerged in the snow. So I went to the clearing behind my house for protection. I find my new camera very tiring. If there is a setting to extend the 5 second self timer I haven't found it yet. Trying to hustle in the waist high snow is exhausting...

dress - my high school grad dress
shirt - thrifted
scarf - save on foods


  1. I love these pictures!! Aren't you ecstatic about how warm its gotten? I know I am. That dress is really pretty, thats sweet that you can wear your grad dress again and again!

  2. FREAKING GORGEOUS. And yeah I KNOW, times when I have to use the self-timer instead of the remote, I'm like MAN this is good exercise! Can't imagine snowhiking :)

  3. WHOA you have officially won the snow contest. The prize goes to Canada, hands down. Now this is called dedication. You look AMAZING and the photos are beautiful! You did scare me for a second with the snow up to your waist, but glad to know you have some snow pants underneath :D

  4. You look amazing, and I never would have guessed that snow pants lurked under that pretty dress of yours! Very crafty...



  5. What a good way to keep warm and can't blame you with that waist high snow!! Argh, hope you find a longer timer, there must be a 10 second one surely? Love your dress :) I should dig out my high school prom one... xx

  6. Miss Shy, you are goregeous! I love your photos (I nominated you for a Bloggie award!), that dress is super rad! And your coat doesn't look nearly warm enough for ya sister!! You ARE brave. I remember when I returned to the shambles of my blog and considered briefly being a fashion blogger (that wouldn't have lasted long even if I had attempted committing to it), but I remember standing outside in the sub-zero temps and thought, 'You know? Nobody wants to see me like this...' And nobody would have loved seeing random bits of the interior of my white rental house either :( So lame.

    Annnnnyhooters. Thanks for champing it out for your followers!

  7. that is a whooooooole lot of snow girl.
    i do not know how you stand it..hahaha..
    i think these pictures look amazing from your new camera!!!
    you look beautiful of course too...ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!
    i <3 ya!!

  8. Perfection from head to toe! Love your high school grad dress, so pretty!
    As always Amazing, Amazing pictures. And flawless styling.

  9. I love this outfit! That coat is amazing and I love the dress. And wow lady, you look gorgeous in that last photo!!

    I recommend you get a remote for your camera. They are less than $10 and SUCH a timesaver!!

  10. I love this!
    The colour combo is amazing...and it looks sooo good on you!
    I love the different textures in this outfit...as well

  11. Wow that snow is deep and you're looking lovely :)

    What camera do you use now?
    Running for the self timer is such a work out. A five second timer sounds like a hard one to beat. You'll be ready for a marathon in no time ;)

  12. Not only are these pictures stunning but your outfit is just adorable. :)

  13. GORGEOUS outfit! I really love all these photos. I wouldn't think you were crazy to wear just tights under there. . .I've done it.. . .maybe I'm crazy though. You do look so warm and cozy. I love your jacket/shirt and your dress is just so pretty!!!

  14. Hey fellow Canadian! Such stunning photos, you capture the beauty of the snow perfectly with all your outfit photos!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that last photo! xo


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