Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Paris.

If you follow my twitter you know I was having a bit of trouble this morning finding my pants and tripod. Luckily, after I screamed in my pillow I found both. I got outside and (surprise, surprise!) it was snowing again much to Ninny's and my dismay. I wont even tell you the temperature. It's depressing.

I thought I'd whip out my favourite red coat but removed the hood this time to mix it up. I also NEEDED (for my own sanity) to wear something other than boots. I'm not sure if socks and clogs are in the same league as socks and sandals but I went there anyway. I've also been really enjoying the cropped pants look. Although with my body shape I'm not sure if I can pull it off but I found these for $5 at the goodwill so it was worth a try. I think they are capris...

coat - vintage
shirt, jeans, clogs - thrifted
sweater - men's ralph lauren
socks - the bay
earrings - my g-ma's

Let's also give it up for clip on earrings! Especially ones with little Eiffel Towers on them! I recently found my grandmothers stash. I guess piercing phobias run in the family. 


  1. such a pretty coat! i love your dog's face in the second photo. she's like, oh me? i'm not scary!

  2. Great earrings. I love jewelry that has an antique and quirky feel too it. Great to have found your blog. Loving your looks and looking forward to reading your posts. xx veronika

  3. I adore your coat, its soo pretty!! And I commend you for being brave and going outside in this abysmal weather. I am very afraid to go outside. Its soo cold!

  4. You are so brave for sitting in the snow! I always want to but then I whine about the cold and skip out ;) I love your glasses too!

  5. Wonderful earrings! As you may or may not know I heart the eiffel tower and anything eiffel tower related- including your lovely lovely clip on earrings. And a amazing coat. It is so pretty.

  6. These photos are completely dreamy. I don't know how you come up with all these poses and ideas for photographs but they are lovely!! And what a great coat.

  7. oh my goodness that is a amazing coat!!! and i really love your glasses, i wear contacts but i desperately need to get a new pair of cute glasses!!

  8. how beautiful are you? Your hair is awesome! I need to watch an instructional video to learn how to do ANYthing with my hair.

  9. aww man...i always love your pictures with your doggie!! SO CUTE!
    i am so glad you found your tripod..bc these pictures are wonderful!
    stay warm..that is WAY to much snow for me..haha..!
    have a great weekend love! <3

  10. Your photos are always awesome.
    I'm glad you found your pants. and tripod.
    I loooove your coat.
    I loooove your eiffel tower earrings. I didn't get my ears pierced til last year I think? I'm not sure exactly- but I held out for a while. I still wear clip-ons sometimes. :D

  11. LOVE your coat! looks so so comfy! :)

  12. These photos (AND your outfit) are so dramatic! I love your hair. And I never understood why people wore socks + sandals in Hawaii, but in Canada it just makes sense. ;)

  13. Do I ever ADORE your coat!!!!! These photos are simply classic and are you darling:)

  14. what a BEAUTIFUL coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in awe of it truly! Did you get your socks all wet in the snow? I totally would have. I'm so bad with that though. You are adorable. These shots of you are great.

  15. Super cute coat :) You're such an outfit post trooper in the ice and snow!

  16. Socks and clogs why ever not? You look very cute indeed. The earrings are pretty cool and kitsch too! xx

  17. Clip ons? This little lady needs to find some of those. I don't have pierced ears.
    The coat is great. You are great. How you sit in the snow is beyond me. If it all melted, you would have to swim. So be careful.

    The Auspicious Life

  18. So pretty!
    -Allison Kaye


Thank You :D