Monday, January 3, 2011

If only the sun could get higher...

So glad to be back to my regularly scheduled programming. Over the holidays I managed to add a cape to my wardrobe! I found it on my trip to Canmore for only $20! I've been looking for one for ages but they are always out of my price range so I was rather excited when I saw it and couldn't wait to get out in it. When I got back from taking these pictures I looked a mess. I ripped my tights, my legs were numb, cape was all caught up under my tripod bag and I was sweating and freezing at the same time. The picture of beauty!

Last night the manfriend and I were talking about getting a video of my meandering from up high with the quad-copter. I showed him the WishWishWish videos  for inspiration. I think we will wait until there is colour in the world again. Endless white is not really that interesting. Hopefully 2011 will hold some cool and creative things for Chesterfield. By the way, check out my About and FAQ section I just added and let me know what you think!

cardigan / skirt / purse - thrifted
cape - trend fashion in canmore
tights - h&m
jewlery - gifts


  1. fantastic cape!! i so want to find more of these things. :)

    also, i love the little additions/changes to your layout! the header is so pretty, have i ever told you?

    happy new year!
    xx elanor

  2. Oh my goodness...I am SO envious of your cape. It's gorgeous. Love these photos too, the snow and setting look so beautiful :]

  3. Love the new sections, love the cape. And I don't think you should be afraid to shoot in the snow for lack of interest. If you wear a super bold color I actually think it could be really dramatic. BUT YOU WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH. Which means no more Chesterfield. So prolly a good call. ;)

  4. these pictures are gorgeous! and what a steal on that cape! we need to go shopping sometime . i have a feeling you're good at scouting deals.

    great job with the faqs and about me section! it was fun getting to read more about you :)

  5. what a wonderful find!
    i am jealous..that cape is a beautY!!!
    i love the new layout Shy..
    plus, these pictures are amazing!!!!

  6. That cape is amazing. I've been craving one for agers.
    Beautiful pictures too. The snowy setting looks devine.
    followed. xo

  7. ^Oeww. no follower thing..maybe I'm blind:)

  8. at the very top? Above the ol' header? :) Thanks for wanting to follow! I get excited everytime.


  9. You know I love a good cape! Great look, and your photos are really stunning.

  10. Ok first off, I love your header :-) Second, did I just come across your adorable blog. These pictures are surreal with all that snow & that adorable outfit! You look like you belong in a magical movie or something. New followa!)

  11. This is such an amazing cape! I can't believe you got it for only $20 im really impressed, thats a great deal. These photos are so lovely too.
    I like the faq section and the about you section. I also love pumpkin spice lattes meandering and the fact you said canoodling made me giggle!

  12. I love your cape. It is fabulous.
    And your new sections are perfection. Love getting to know my fav bloggers a little bit better.
    Also your cape reminds me of a little pumpkin spice latte. I just love the color.

  13. What a great cape, and for $20? That's awesome! These are great pics. I have camera and snow backdrop/envy.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  14. what a gorgeous find! and fab photos once again :) x

  15. um - this cape is gorgeous! i can't believe it was only $20. i also love how the pictures are styled. very very pretty.

  16. I rarely like capes, but this one is SO pretty. I love the print and toggles! You look amazing and definitely pull it off like a pro:)

  17. Lovely photos, you're very brave to take on all that snow! The cape is so wonderful, it has toggles and everything!

  18. Oh my - that cape is to die for!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a steal. Your pics are always so stunning:)


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