Sunday, January 23, 2011

Call Me Unadventurous

The manfriend is like a boy scout. He is ready for anything. He has numerous backpacks of all sizes full of stuff to live off of for who knows how long if he was stranded. This week he decided he needed a heated shelter that he can fit in his bag for easy lugging-around-age. The sweat lodge was born. He modified a tent and built a little stove. He plans to sleep in it all night next weekend so we had to do a trial run this weekend. Call me unadventurous but I am not sleeping in that (ever). Even so I thought I'd see how warm it gets in there. It got up to about 30 C (86 F), which is pretty nice when it's cold out! I thought I'd bring along the new camera to practice.

Speaking of the new camera, it has decided to say "Error: Press shutter button again" and refuses to take another picture. I'm a little annoyed now as I have taken it on one adventure and it's broken. This always seems to happen to me!!! Just a warning I'm gonna vent here: a few months ago my phone (that I just bought) broke. While that was getting fixed an entire row of dead pixels appeared on my computer. Meanwhile all the tires on my car became magically bald which means your going no where in snow. After I paid for brand new tires I notice my mom has messed with my photoshop causing it to not work properly. I get that sorted out today and then the camera (not even 2 weeks old!!!) dies! I'm going to have a scream in my pillow now...

couldn't resist a detail shot ;)


  1. A heated tent? Where was that when I taken camping in below freezing temperatures this summer. It might have turned me off of camping for life. If I have to go again, I'm hiring the man-friend to make me one of these.
    Sorry to hear about your camera. If you come to Portland, I'll make the fella take your pictures for you ;)

    The Auspicious Life

  2. That is the saddest story I ever heard. Maybe all of this crummy stuff just means you're gearing up for something really hugely good to happen, like winning the lottery. Do you have the lottery in your foreign land?

  3. Wow your manfriend is very clever it seems. This is realllly cool, I don't think I would be sleeping in that thing either though, haha.
    Man you have some pretty awful luck! That sounds terrible, go buy a lotto ticket because its time for your luck to turn around!! I was walking to the bus stop in september and got splashed by a bus soaking me from the midsection down ruining my I know how you feel haha

  4. Hahha, I definitely wouldn't call you unadventurous for not sleeping in the tent. As warm as it may be, I definitely prefer my comfy twin sized bed! But it is really cool.

    Sad about the camera:(

    Also, I like your yellow scarf way too much!

  5. You guys are too cute. This looks so fun! And I hope you find your rainbow after the storm soon! Good luck!

  6. I always get so frustrated when my camera or photoshop starts having problems. I hope you get all of that figured out soon! And I haven't gone camping in the longest time. I don't think I'm man enough to sleep in that tent either though considering the temperature :P

  7. Shame about your camera :( At least they can't argue the toss re. a fault that happened within a fortnight. I swear some electronics have a little self destruct timer built in counting down the warranty.

    Wishing you lots of electronics good luck for the future to make up for this terrible streak :)

    And that is one smart sweat lodge :D

  8. the hubs and i are NOT camping people. hahaha...
    so sorry about your camera!!! ugh..that is so annoying.
    have a great week love!

  9. Your manfriend is pretty handy. I wouldn't sleep in a tent in the winter either, even if it is heated. JP tried to convince me that it would be fun to make a quincy and sleep over night in it. Yah Right!!! Terrifying! lol.

    I'm sad to hear about all your bad luck. Hopefully it will all start turning around for you soon. :)

  10. I can't blame you for not wanting to sleep in in that little shelter, but it is quite cleverly put together :) Your turquoise ring is just gorgeous- the detail shot was absolutely neccessary!

  11. Haha, I can't stand camping. Even being outdoors is a bit of a stretch for me at times. :'D

  12. the detail shots are so pretty :P

  13. oh darling, what the hell? You have great patience if this is the first scream you're having! Are you sinning a lot or something? (I'm teasing). I hope all this garbage washes away soon ...or the manufacturers of all these malfunctioning pieces send you large cheques at once!

  14. oh man that is totally up my alley to do something like this. I love the fire!! I want to do this too!! hehe.

  15. i would so sleep in that! so cool!


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