Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Followers

I couldn't decide on an outfit today, I changed numerous times and finally went with this. It was pretty chilly for no tights but I've been wearing them alot so I thought I'd mix it up a bit. I don't have that big of a tights collection though I wish I did. I couldn't shake my two kittens today. They followed me everywhere, thankfully their little legs are slow through the snow so they couldn't invade every shot! My mom named them Barney and Ted Mosby, she's jumping on the HIMYM bandwagon a little late.  I realized today that I hang out with animals more then people...

sweater/shirt - thrifted
skirt - RW&Co
boots - the bay
favourite belt - my mom's
gloves - my grandma's


  1. Haha your kittens seem very devoted! :D I love the outfit. I also wish I had more tights. I have one good pair that hasn't ripped. All the rest of them have tears in them and are incredibly uncomfortable. I need to get some more. If they fit right I really like to wear them because they're comfortable.

    Also, I can't believe you were the second coldest place next to Siberia! That's so crazy!! Yes I do really love the cold so I think I'd love it up there, but who knows : )

  2. Hi! I'm a new reader! I really like your outfits and your kittens are THE cutest! And hey, the best people usually spend more time with animals than people :)
    Also, how do you find wearing tights? I find them uncomfortable at the crotch/waist, and they always make my skirts bunch :S

  3. i love your kitties. it's really cute that they braved the snow just for you. mine won't get off the couch. i can't believe you have snow already!!! i hope we can avoid it for as long as possible. you look great by the way. not wearing tights is a bold move for sure.

  4. shame you didnt manage to see the hat in store! i purchased it online, maybe they were sold out in store perhaps?

    ps you know i love your photos!


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