Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look on the Sunnyside

Good Afternoon! When I'm going to take blog pictures I usually wake up nice and early to get outside. Today, however, 8 passed...9 passed...10 passed...11 came along and I was still in bed with my dog! Good thing I planned my outfit the night before. This is Sunnyside Road. My house is right behind the trees to the left in the picture. Keep going down the road behind me and you'll reach the little town I went to school in. I'd take pictures there but its no prize. I'm glad this road isn't too busy in the day, I was getting annoyed with moving into the ditch when cars came. How dare they ruin my photoshoot, right? haha!

In other news, I went house gawking on the weekend, my favourite thing to do! It may sound creepy but being an Architectural Technologist (fancy title hey!) I just love houses. Me and my boyfriend go for "Gawk Walks" around the old fancy parts of the city. The pickin's are slim in Edmonton but there are a few neighbourhoods that have houses with character! Friday we're going to a new spot he found, maybe I'll take some pictures!

dress - seduction
sweater - old navy
scarf - save-on-foods (yep...the grocery store!)
tights - smart set
shoes - joe fresh
bangles - my mom's
metal braeclet - gift

Oh yes! I almost forgot Ashley from Lions, Lace, Lattes tagged me in her Seven Confessions post. I normally wouldn't do those but I figured since I was a new blogger it would be a good way for you to get to know me...

1. I use a canon powershot sd600. It's really old and damaged from my dog chewing on it. 
2. I can't find a job in my field. :(
3. I'm a size 12.
4. I only listen to old Ricky Gervias XFM radio shows in my car.
5. All I wore in high school was jeans, hoodies, and ironic t-shits. (ie. "I heart Budapest", "My other ride is a Harley", or the classic tuxedo tee....I don't know why)
6. I will never think my hair is long enough.
7. I used to play rugby...the most unflattering sport! haha


  1. You used to play rugby? You go girl!
    No only that but you have the cutest style these days :D Everyone doesn't dress well in high school. I really came into my own in college, but I'm definitely still not there yet. I'm figuring it out : )

  2. that dress is actualy adorable i really love the print and how you've styled it :) xx

  3. first of all. i love that you have a scarf from a grocery store..hahaha.
    second..i still want to live or visit where ever you are..it looks beautiful...i live in west virginia..there is NOTHING here.
    third. i can not find a job in my field either. ART. but i knew it would be hard when i majored in it.
    forth. you look beautiful as always! <3

  4. I love looking at architecture. I think that old buildings are so inspiring for so many things. I am glad to hear I am not alone! Great dress, it looks amazing on you.

  5. Hellz yeah, Ricky Gervais love!! The print on that dress is amazing, and I love how you look like you're about to start breakdancing in that first photo ;)

  6. You look amazing! I absolutely love that dress.

  7. You look so great! I LOVE your photos. I really like the three shots of your shoes.

    I will also never think my hair is long enough. But that's because I can't seem to make it grow. gerrrr. I tried out for my high school rugby team but chickened out at the last minute. :)


Thank You :D