Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prairie Girl

This next week is gonna be a busy one! I was able sneak out this morning to take a some snaps. This is my prairie outfit. I live on the cusp of the prairie's but the farmer started plowing his field next to our house and it made me feel very farm-girl-ish. Although rubber boots may be more sensible then my current boots to go drive the tractor. I hope I can get in another outfit in before next week but I work all weekend, have decided to paint my room, and may have a lead on a real live job! I would love a job in my field, somehow I don't feel like I'm reaching my potential at a building supply I am so done with the gross uniform!!

grey sweater - thrifted
green cardigan - joe fresh
tights / dress - h&m
sock - the bay
booties - american eagle
necklace - gift
leather belt - my mom's closet


  1. just found your blog and i love your image effects, how you make it very vintage!! love the pattern of the dress!

    following you! check mine out if you are free:

    xx Diana

  2. That last photo is a classic!! And what a fantastic necklace! Well good luck with your crazy week prairie girl :)

  3. Those boots and these pictures are AMAZING. You're really talented in photography!

    Ps - Can you do some kind of tutorial on how you did your hair? I love it!

  4. Great photos!! I loved this outfit so much.

  5. i looove the last photo!
    you look beautiful!! i love your hair..i wish i could do things like that with my hair but i am horrible.
    have a great weekend.


Thank You :D