Monday, October 4, 2010

Touques are cool! Right?

I think Mother Nature and I need to coordinate our schedules a little better. Everyday I'm working the sun is out and its warmer then any October I remember. Then when I have a day off (today) its pouring rain! So I was going to get up early and go get some pictures but I'm going to wait as my last rainy outfit snaps were not ideal (trying to tie an umbrella to my tripod proved to be difficult). Maybe it will clear up later. These pictures are from last week. I didn't do a very good job at getting a full outfit shot on this one.

I spent my free time this weekend going to the movies and shopping for a halloween costume! I found some great stuff at Value Village. I spend about 4 hours sewing together numerous dresses/skirts/shirts to create my costume last night. I'm pretty excited about it and doing a scary halloween outfit post! I think I'm going to go finish it right now! Maybe rainy weather isn't always bad...

shirt / vest - thrifted
belt - mexx
skirt - h&m
shoes - rusche
socks - my moms drawer
touque - UO


  1. This is a GORGEOUS photoshoot. You look positively stunning! the lighting is amazing. I love the prints. And your beanie. And the whole thing is just...1@#!@#_!!! fabulous!


Thank You :D