Saturday, October 23, 2010

And a Pistol it Seems

One of my best friends, Jess, got married at the beginning of September. We just got to look at some of the pictures and they are too pretty not to share. 

First of all, I'm second from the left above and look at that air!! I had no idea I could jump that high! haha! 

We had an awesome photographer; Janine Sept (all these photos are by her) and we had tons of fun! I love how vintage inspired the whole wedding was and her dress was gorgeous, I especially loved the little jacket! Plus since I started this blog its been going downhill fast with the weather and here you can see that it's actually nice out sometimes. I'm also wearing contacts, which I don't do very often!

This the song they had their first dance to. That first line is so Jess. 

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  1. girrrrl check out that jump! haha that's great.
    the pictures are stunning! I really like the picture of the bride (the one right under the two of them holding the signs thank you).

    gorgeous!! thanks for sharing these. : )


Thank You :D