Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leather and Lace

I spent the day in the city today. Lunch with one of my school friends. He always wears a leather jacket so I thought we could match today but mine is faux (I'm not made of money!!!) I was gonna wear a skirt since I am anti-jeans when I'm not at work but i stuck my head outside and it was just too chilly! I gave into the jeans...oh well. I stuck my toes in the snow before I ran back inside, then I had to put my shoes in the dryer because they were soaked when I threw my snowy feet back into them, I clearly didn't think that through. 

jacket - winners
shirt - ruche
scarf - gift
purse/button necklace - thrifted
shoes - payless

jeans - gap


  1. I can't believe you took off your shoes and were standing in snow! You are a brave girl :D Haha.

    Ps - I can't wait until you receive your cowl : ) I'm including a little extra surprise too!

  2. I adore the's darling. The photo of your bare feet in the snow gave me a chill. I don't have the guts to do such a thing but your photo turned out adorable though.

  3. You look adorable here, I love the pretty layers to the outfit! You're definitely braver than I am, we're getting snow here tonight (apparently) but there's no ways I'm going out there without my boots on, let alone barefeet! xxx

    p.s your photos are amazing, do you take them?? I'm in love with how they look. :)

  4. Are all Canadians as crazy as you, walking around in the snow with bare toes? ;) The in-your-face mittens shot is my fave today, love that pop of pink!

  5. Cute outfit!!
    Completely adore the top and shoes ^^

  6. you look beautiful.
    i love the pictures as always and
    i love the pattern and colors of your shirt.

  7. oh my gosh...that pic of your feet in the snow makes me cold! haha! can't believe there's snow already. too soon! :)


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