Saturday, October 16, 2010

Memory Lane

Not gonna lie: This isn't an everyday dress for me! In fact this dress has only been worn once before it was banished to hang in the linen closet. I saw it there the other day and thought it was time to try it on again after over 5 years.... this was my high school grad dress! I tried to casual it up a bit with boots and a cardigan and I've decided I'm going to actually wear it out more because I still love it. I think I had it made by a lady for $100. Back when I was graduating I wore it with a velvet round toed heels and TONS of pearl necklaces.

dress - handmade
cardigan - thrifted
boots - ebay
tights - h&m
necklace - gift


  1. What a beautiful dress! It's gorgeous!

  2. beautiful dress.
    i love the lace.
    i am seriously gonna come live where you are because it is beautiful out there. :)
    have a good rest of the weekend love.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Beautiful the color and lace...and that owl necklace!!!

  4. Cute outfit! I tagged you in my last post.

  5. looks adorable with the little owl!
    at first i didnt see it as a graduation dress at all you dressed it down really well, it still looks very cute!

  6. Hi!
    Just found you. Your photography is amazing. And of course, love you style!
    Looking forwared to following you.


Thank You :D