Thursday, October 14, 2010

Running Out of Time

I thought I could get outfit shots/edits/posting all done before I went to work today but alas, I could not. Since I was pressed for time I didn't wander to far from my house... in fact I didn't leave the yard! I wore this outfit last friday (so I'm a week behind) out shopping to ikea. I was informed half way through the shopping trip by my boyfriend that my dress was see-through! I still don't know if I believe him...

jacket/necklaces/purse/dress - thrifted
shoes - primark
belt - my mom's (should be mine now I wear it so often!)


  1. These pictures are so amazing - you do such a great job. Are you really using a tripod to take these?!

  2. Shy, can you please stop showing up the rest of us with your amazingly professional-looking images? ;) Just kidding I LOVE THEM and I totally covet that necklace!

  3. oh my goodness.
    these pictures are beautiful.
    i am jealous. :)
    have a beautiful weekend love.

  4. I love the last set of photos!

    Your purse is awesome too.

    Thanks for the comment! Hehe. Yep, I try to push the sandals as long as I can. It's snowing here today, so that will probably be the last time I wear sandals until February when I go to Cabo! woot woot.

  5. Mkay, it's official. I love your blog.. and you. :)


Thank You :D