Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waiting for Sun

Yes, I'm wearing a woven sun hat in the snow... I'm wishfully thinking the sun will see it and remember to shine up here as it's forgotten for while. I bought the hat for my friend to decorate with the bows for her bridal "tea party". I think she caught on that I liked it because I kept trying it on and looking at myself so she said I could keep it. This jacket has been in my sewing room forever waiting to get fixed (nearly every button has fallen off) but I stole it today because I needed to mix up the cardigan look. I realized my last few posts have all had a cardigan with only the top button done up... I didn't even notice! Sorry for that lack of variety! In other news, I think I have lost ALL my tights in the black hole that is my room which is annoying, I usually keep it neat and tidy but I've been lacking motivation to do so lately. 

I wanted to wear some shoes and not fill them with snow so driveway pictures just kinda happened. My very first car makes an appearance too. It's been just sitting in that spot for years. My brothers decided it would be great to off road through the field with it and now it doesn't work. I tried to give it to some kid for free this summer but apparently it's not even worth nothing! Nuts! I do still like the baby blue though...

hat / socks - the bay
jacket - off the wall
dress (long skirt pulled up) / wedges - thrifted
tights - smart set

...hurry up sun...


  1. I like these photos! You can barely tell it's a driveway because it's all covered up! haha. Gotta love the snow.
    As for brothers...oh boy! Sometimes they're silly things :P

    Ps - I adore the hat!

  2. I hope the sun notices your lovely hat and comes out to play. Love the print on your dress, very pretty.
    At least you do stockings still :) I love advent calendars though!
    Gosh I hadn't thought of that, everything is so much closer and crowded together in the UK. xx

  3. i really really love this outfit and these photos of course. gahhh if there was one thing i could change about my blog is trying to get better photos AKA better locations. this is SO pretty! can't even tell it's a driveway!

    xx elanor

  4. I love that youre wearing a sun hat and floral dress in the snow!! This makes me happy, so cute.

    ps. I commented on my blog, but I worked in a home hardware that turned into a Rona. & I knew where evvvverything was. I still remember the codes for nails haha

  5. the photos are so gorgeous!!! and i love your floral dress!!

  6. i think the hat is perfect.
    that last picture is BEAUTIFUL.
    this outfit is so lovely Shy.

  7. Sun hat/snow hat, same diff. Looks ADORABLE on you and that's what counts! And your pose in front of Baby Blue is sublime :)

  8. The snow looks lovely...but this is exactly how I like to see snow: in a picture on a computer screen. The reality is so harsh! I like your hat though; very cute outfit and hopefully the sun will hear you.


Thank You :D