Thursday, December 23, 2010

Skiing and Snorkeling

Can we all take a moment to admire that athletic pose I have going on there. Yeah, I'm not awkward at all in skis. Especially tiny ones that complete strangers made fun of me for wearing. Who knew snow blading was so frowned upon? And I know what your thinking: red and turquoise look SO good together, right?!! I look like something out of Body Break. Ok, so downhill snow sports are not my forte. In all honestly, this might be the last time I go. I am HORRIBLE at snowboarding, mediocre at skiing, clearly pretty awesome at snow blading but I just don't really enjoy it. I enjoy the gondolas and chair lifts but I spend all my time speeding down a hill trying not to hit anyone or lose my balance and I miss the best part. The view! Downhill snow sports are my new snorkeling. Why did I quit snorkeling after one try you ask?.... Let's take a look at Exhibit A.

Need I say more?!?! That picture is self explanatory!! Snorkeling: I tried - I failed - I don't want to do it again. I am a complete landlubber having lived in Alberta for my whole life. I didn't see the ocean until I was 20 and went to the UK. I didn't go into the ocean until two years later during this snorkel incident. My goggles kept fogging up what little vision I had because I couldn't wear  my glasses. I was terrified a jellyfish was always sneaking up on me and I don't even know how to swim anyways! Essentially: a blind girl, wandering around the shallow area, paranoid of everything. So while I found it bearable, it was not enjoyable. Hence my comparison with skiing. Bearable but not enjoyable. That being said, I quite enjoyed hanging around the top of the mountains and would definitely take the gondola up there again...only next time I'll just relax at the chalet!!

The last picture creeped me out when it was big...


  1. Haha it sounds like you've had quite the adventures lately!! And I think you look ADORABLE in those little skiis. Who knew blading was so hard? Now I'm scared to try it!

  2. such great photos! haha and your gear is quite stylish. ;)

    i've never tried blading!
    xx elanor

  3. You look great in your skiing garb. I, on the other not brave enough to try skiing. Looks like a fun trip.

  4. Your snow pictures are gorgeous regardless of whether you enjoy outdoor winter sports or not;-) and the snorkel picture made me laugh but i can completely relate!!! I hated every second of the salt water wave battling!

  5. Those photos are all gorgeous, especially the shot of you from far away! And... I pretty much hate anything athletic. I like snorkeling though because I like exploring and swimming in a decidedly non-athletic way. I have been skiing once and have no desire to do so again. Snow is for sleds and snow creatures!

    And, hey, if you ask me... snow blading looks amazing :D

  6. I love these shots!! I can understand why you wouldn't like skiing/snowboarding etc. I used to go alll the time, but hurting oneself and the bitter cold really isn't much fun!!
    Oh, and you totally look like someone from body break!

  7. Look at you being an athlete!!! I am impressed!!! Well you look fabulous and cute. I on the other hand would look clumsy and a mess:)
    Very adorable.

  8. I loooooved this post!!!! lol. You are so cute. I've only been snowboarding twice and spend the majority of time sliding down the hill on my butt. lol. I'm also terrified of snorkelling so I completely related with your story!! I've gone twice and both times didn't go so well. I nearly had a panic attack when I saw the fish. I hate fish.


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