Thursday, December 9, 2010

Outfit Shout Out: Late Afternoon

You know when you see an outfit on one of your favourite bloggers and immediately want to wear it but have none of the same pieces? This happens to me all the time. I'm going to try and re-create them with items I have already more often. This outfit is inspired by this post from the so so so stylish Liz at Late Afternoon. Unfortunately I don't own salmon coloured pants,  a furry-collared anorak, or cute boot wedges. I made do with what could find though! There isn't really a "fashion scene" in rural Alberta (unless you count carhartts) so I mostly get all inspiration from you guys!

Since it snowed another 6 inches or so last night, I had nowhere snow-free to take pictures except.....the old outhouse! haha. Who knows when this thing was built. Our house was actually a barn/shop before we renovated it into a house so I'm guessing this was necessity as the bard/shop didn't have a bathroom. Lucky for me we have numerous indoor bathrooms now. I would be very sad if I had to go out there in this weather! Talk about drafty!

ignore the silly face
jacket - thrifted (my mom's)
jeans - gap
shirt - costa blanca
boots - uo
xena bracelet - thrifted
theres a lot of leaning going on here


  1. Love your blog, I just started following
    I'm having a giveaway!

  2. The blogging community is great for wardrobe inspiration :)

    Cute outfit!

  3. oh i love your boots so much!!! your pictures are so gorgeous, i think i say that everytime lol but it is so true!!

  4. Those are some GREAT boots friend! Love the look.

  5. you crack me up Shy.
    haha..i bet it would be very drafty in the outhouse.
    yay for toilets inside the house.
    i love the boots, pictures, and you.

  6. aha! an outhouse! how perfect!
    you look so stylin'! ;) love those heels.

    xx elanor

  7. I way way WAY love the photo of you in the mirror!! And yeah I want those boots MOS DEF.


  8. Lovely outfit! I definitely wouldn't be able to survive that snow!

  9. Yes lovely boots! Love the location again :] xx

  10. I love your boots :) And it started snowing here too, but I can't imagine having SO much snow !

  11. all my outfits are influenced by other bloggers! love your boots.

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  12. Wow! The outfit is so good :)
    bloody cool photos...


  13. Love the outfit AND the outhouse! You are hilarious.

  14. love the outfits! especially the boots! very cute :) XXX

  15. I love the pictures you took, the simplicity of the bracelet and the jacket. They're are awesome.



  16. Great pictures! And a fabulous outfit. I love your bracelet. And the boots, of course, fabulous.

  17. You look awesome and stylish and I LOVE the location :))) Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

  18. This outfit is awesome - great boots & great picture location!!

    I do the same thing with the whole similar clothes thing! :)

    KF x

  19. I love these photos (no surprise there!) and this outfit. Those boots are perfect! And your little cabin is awesome!! xx

  20. Hi Shy!!! Your photos are always sooo beautiful! So cute that these were taken in an old outhouse. lol. I laughed when you mentioned the Carhartts style. :)

    OMG are you in a huge white out right now??? i hear that it is terrible! Sooo glad that it's supposed to skip over here.


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