Friday, December 3, 2010

A Black and White Friday.

I instantly liked this dress in the thrift store not only because of the pattern but also because of the ruffle-y collar. I really love an interesting collar. I decided to try a monochromatic set of pictures today (still no sun) but the colours in the dress are really subtle greens, golds, and reds. I need to expand my tights collection as I had to go tight-less because none of mine matched. 

I have my manfriend's Christmas work party tomorrow and I still don't know what to wear! I'm going to check my mail right before it closes today so hopefully my Ruche purchases have arrived and make my choice much easier. 

Have a good weekend!

dress / hat / socks - thrifted
boots - ebay
belt - uo


  1. Ruche purchases! Yay! I can't wait to see what you've got. And have fun at the Christmas party. : )

  2. You are THE QUEEN of photography! I love these pics so much!!



  3. i'm excited to see what you bought from ruche! i've never gotten anything from there, but i've always liked it.

    awesome black and white photos! a green, gold, and red dress sounds amazing. i'll be happy to see it in color sometime soon! :)


  4. Ruche pretty much so rocks - can't wait to see your purchases. These are the most gorgeous black and white photos ever! Snow has never looked more lovely...and that photo of you looking up is gorgeous! I love the dress.

    xx Marisa

  5. beautiful as always.
    have fun at your PAR-TAY! :)
    i love the pictures as always and that dress is such a wonderful thrift find.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  6. love the pattern of the dress- beautiful. i miss snow!

  7. Brrrr, hope you get some more tights soon! Hope your Ruche purchases arrived, it's always so hard knowing what to wear for work dos! That dress is super duper, hope to see it in its full technicolour glory soon!
    PS- after your comment I realised that I never really go anywhere in the UK even though it is all relatively easy like you say. I need to get out of London more!

  8. sooo pretty, i love the ruffled neckline too, so feminine!!

  9. Such a pretty dress. So girly and ruffles, just love it. I also adore your belt. The perfect touch to your outfit,

  10. these photos are so gorgeous!!!! and i love love love your dress, it's such a awesome thrift find!!

  11. i love your blog! it's a very beautiful place, like aesthetically and style wise <3
    and thanks for the comment re: alberta lol. i don't know where you're from but i'd love to be anywhere BUT here :) maybe one day (paris is calling, black, stripes, red lips and cigarettes :) )

  12. I love the feeling of these photos. I can't even explain the feeling I get when I see them. But I love them.

    The Auspicious Life


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