Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Aftermath

We've had a bit of a blizzard here and I spent all night digging out my car. After, I had a Monkeyface sized melt down about my bald tires. It was not pretty. But I managed to get out today in one of my new Ruche dresses! I'm going to try to get one last outfit in tomorrow before I'm off to the mountains. I can't post from there as I have the worlds WORST laptop that is essentially garbage. I will load up on the pictures though, don't worry!

My dog knows the routine now. Once the tripod is set up she'll come sit by me and face it. Haha! It should be the Shy and Ninny blog!

coat - rummage sale
dress - Ruche
leggings / belt - my mom's
necklace - thrifted
generic rubber boots...again


  1. Love the new dress! And you're so bold to be in the snow in tights! So cold.
    Also your dog is adorable : )

  2. Quite the double act you two :) Looking lovely!

  3. I love the plaid!! So chic, the colours are great. The amount of snow we got was ridiculous, I can't drive anywhere unless I'm in my dads truck. Your dog is the cutest thing in the world by the way!

  4. Wow thats a lot of snow :x
    But very cute coat! Looks good on you (:

  5. OH no, I would not wish such a meltdown on anyone :/ Glad you survived - that dress would cheer me up, too, what a fantastic print/fabric! :D

  6. Aw geeeez your lil dog is cute! ...Not as cute as you in that dress though. Sorry about your tires! Grrr. Our first snowfall here (in Alaska), I discovered that our new minivan couldn't get up the driveway. Tires are so expensive, dangit.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen that much snow in my life! Holy hell that's alot.

    Your dress is gorgeous and I cannot get over that coat! It looks so adorable on the outside and I'm diggin' the pattern on the inside! Beautiful :]


  8. you look darling! and i love your coat; i've been wanting one in that sort of color. :)

    you're so cute in the snow. i wish i had snow to prance around in!! hehe

    xx elanor

  9. Great pictures!
    You have such a cute smile, I love it =)

  10. Great coat! Such a fun lining! The snow in the tandem pic looks like fluffy clouds.

  11. you look very cute!!
    I love your coat!!

    take care!!

  12. Wow what a lot of snow! That dress is lovely. And your dog is so cute! wish I could get my cat to pose on command! x

  13. I love your jacket! and your doggy! and all that snow! That's so much snow.


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