Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rockies

I'm back! Here's a little sneak peak of some random photo's I took on my trip. I will say that taking pictures when your with someone who doesn't care about taking pictures is a little difficult! Needless to say I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted and no outfit specific photos. Which I find a bit of a tragedy given my wonderful surroundings. Oh well! is everyone gearing up for Christmas??

Main Street.

View of the town.     Trying on hats!
More Main Street.

The town from up on a mountain at night... obviously my camera is not cut out for this.
Oddly enough this is the opposite side of the sunset on our last night.


  1. ooooooh my.
    those mountains are BEAUTIFUL!
    breathtaking actually...i adore the last picture.
    you need to frame it asap! :)
    have a good christmas love.

  2. These are SO stunning! Where is this?? I could google it...but I'm kind of lazy:) I can't imagine waking up to such a scene! I agree. You should frame some of these:)

  3. oh my goodness the mountains look amazing!!! i seriously need to visit there asap and have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Absolutely stunning! You do such a great job with editing, seriously.

  5. These photos are beautiful!!! I want to go to Canmore now :) I always get the best feeling when I'm driving out to the mountains. Like a huge weight is being lifted and I can breath for the first time, or something. It's exhilarating. It's the best part of living in Alberta.

    PS. I agree, you are one of my best blog friends! Merry Christmas to you too :)

  6. the pictures you did get are gorgeous! i just found your blog and really like it!


  7. These photos are amazing! I love the photos of Main Street. Glad you're back girl!


  8. Absolutely stunning!

    following your blog now, hope you do the same for mine : )


  9. Wow these photos are incredible!! I really, REALLY love the Main St ones. They are just perfect.

  10. These photos are BREATHTAKING. And I don't know if you watch Seinfeld but I don't throw that word around ugly babies or anything. I MEAN IT.

    My fave is the one with you in the hat, tho. Kind of way too cute. ;)

  11. looks spectacular

  12. gorgeous gorgeous photos!

    merry christmas

    xx christie

  13. Nice photos! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. wow amazing pictures! looks like fantastic trip! you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
    And you are very pretty:)
    Im gonna follow you! hope you visit me and follow me back,
    that would be amazing!


  15. I love this pictures!! It looks like you guys had a great trip! Thats so awesome you tried snow blades, I've never tried that before. I've only ever skiied and mostly snowboarded.

  16. Gorgeous photos, the view looks absolutely stunning!

  17. Wow stunning photos, especially the first and last, looks so beautiful! You look great in a hat by the way :) Hope you have a great christmas! xxx

  18. lovely place :) great pics :)

  19. Absolutely stunning photos...that sunset is so striking. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas dear:)


Thank You :D