Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deliciously Warm

I began taking photos in the bottom of the valley when I realized that if I moved up the side a bit I could be in the deliciously warm sunshine! So the lighting is all over the place in this set!! My mom bought me a cape the other day which was so big it could comfortably house a family of five. I had to bring it back as my manfriend just laughed at me when I put it on. Since the thrift store only does exchanges I found this little jacket instead. I really love the colour, length, and simplicity to it. I may remove the shoulder pads though. I look a little football-ish and the sleeves are a tad too short but thats minor. I did, however, remember to bring a purse with me which is rare! This is my favourite one. I like small, simple purses and if I can sling it around me I'm sold!

I just booked me and my friend in for a hot stone massages and pedicures for our girls vacation soon! I'm so excited!

(me in mid-losing-balance pose)
toque - ebay
coat - thrifted (banana republic)
purse - thrifted
dress - UO
tights - h&m
boots - the bay
cowl - Taylor House


  1. I need to take some posing tips from you. You always seem so happy and so alive in all your photographs (if that makes sense).
    And as always, lookin good girl!

  2. your manfriend sounds like my hubs! ...Such a stinker some days. He is almost 30 and needs a Tim Gunn makeover-intervention, still wearing jeans and t-shirts that read "This is what awesome looks like," bless his heart. He really did not react well the first time he saw me in jeggings, but was a lot cooler about them when I paired them with a plaid shirt. ...Don't know what his deal is. Boys. Anyway, lovely dress, and I LOVE seeing that you get OUT in the wintertime! I have been cooped up doing homework since September.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment :) I LOOOVE your blog - you are adorable...minus the fact you are probably an Oilers fan LOL! GO FLAMMMESSS!!! haha!


  4. Great find :)

    These shots are lovely and Chaucee makes the most brilliant cowls. Love the colour on you :)

  5. I love all of your layering! I really thought about buying this dress the other day- it's LOVELY on you! I love your jacket too- it's so cute.

    Lovely photos. I took your photo editing advice to heart:)

  6. the lighting is great!
    i love your cowl. i really need to buy one from chaucee one of these days.

    xx elanor

  7. I love Chaucee's cowls - I will be ordering one this week:) You look so so pretty. That last shot of you is stunning! You never disappoint:)

  8. super cute outfit! i'm jealous of your snow.

  9. i told my husband today that if you can take outfit pictures in the cold/snow..then so can we!!! :) (we need to suck it up..lol.)
    you look beautiful as always love.

  10. I found your blog through selective potential, and I must say I am in LOVE. Especially because you are both awesome and Canadian... But for reals. I think I will send you an e-mail off soon, because I need to know WHERE you take your photos and how you survive the weather.

    As a northern Canadian, I cannot stand to take off my jacket for some pictures. Advice?

    - Patricia

  11. nice photos, i love the bag and your coat is really cute too - i'm acually quite a big fan of shoulder pads :)

  12. so glad that all the snow has gone xxx

  13. Great pics!


  14. You definatly look super warm and comfy. I love that coloured scarf you're wearing it's so pretty!!!


Thank You :D