Monday, April 4, 2011

Stalking My Neighbour

I know things have been a little slow around here but I have good news: the melt is on (I even spotted some greens signs of life!) which means more interesting backgrounds await! Tonight I took my camera on my daily walking of the dog for the first time since getting it. After work I usually just want a solid hour of silent walking rather than focusing on anything including taking pictures. In any case, if you follow my twitter you may know I've been slightly obsessed with the newest addition to my neighbourhood. A bald eagle has moved in!! I want to have my camera handy for when I run into him. I have been stalking areas that I think he would frequent... I saw him sitting in a tree and it honestly looked like a calf was stuck up there; he is huge. He makes the giant crows look like hummingbirds. Despite our efforts the young man (my doggie) and I didn't see him tonight... my stalking continues...

classic hold-the-hand-out-take-a-picture-of-yourself technique


  1. OMG ! it looks like the snow is melting! I am so happy for you! :D

  2. Hooray for the snow melting! And that's SO cool that a bald eagle is hanging around your neighborhood! The largest birds we get around these parts are hawks. I can't even imagine seeing a wild eagle.

  3. YAAAAAY for snow melting!!!
    i feel like we should throw a party or something.. haha. :P
    i can picture you now just walking aimlessly and stalking that bird! careful!
    you are so adorable in the last picture..

  4. Wow, a bald eagle! I really hope you get a picture of it soon and post it on here!

  5. hehe that last picture is so cute! it's starting to melt around here too! i'm so excited for when i can start venturing out to new photo locations! no bald eagle sightings though...

  6. Yay for snow melting, sooo happy about that!! You're so funny stalking a bald eagle.
    Google hobo with a shotgun and you'll see what I'm talking about. So bad!! It was like watching meat being put through a grinder for an hour and a half, with no plot.

  7. I knew right away from the post title you were talking about the bald eagle! I would be equally obsessive. Love your big cheesy smile :D

  8. beautiful photos <3 i love your shirt!! cute dog :)

  9. Aww, the melt is on! Hehe, I love it! All of our snow is gone finally, but I'm just looking for some warmer temperatures already. Geez o petes! xo

  10. Gorgeous red pitty! Pit bulls are the best dogs! If I could clone mine, I would!!

    And did you do your PS tutorial on these pics, because they're fantastic.



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