Tuesday, June 28, 2011


While trying to explore my non-outfit related interests, I've been attempting to take a black and white self portrait that really shows "me".  No make-up, no glasses, no hairdo (that one wasn't hard for me). Just me in my natural state. As self-centered as it seems to take a boat-load of pics of myself, it is good practice. I actually found it hard to pick one picture that really showed "me". I guess there is a bunch of sides of me that I couldn't quite capture all at once. None the less I picked one. The winner shows how my face is pretty much all the time. Squinting to see (even with glasses on) and thinking really hard, dry lips and messy hair. I'd love to see anyone elses self portraits sans make-up and everything. Show me the real "you's"!

This is my cats bad self -- her whiskers are outta control!


  1. This is a neat idea, I might try it when I get a new camera :D Your kitty looks slightly mental (they all do really), those are seriously impressive whiskers! x

  2. That's a really cool concept...I think I might have to try it. If I manage to get a few photos that don't make me want to run for the hills I may share.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. oh i really should do this. how awesome.
    i am pretty sure if i had a picture of me with no makeup, my glasses, and what my hair usually looks like i think i would break some peoples computer screens..hahaha.
    you are a beauty Shy! <3

  4. this is a neat concept, i think sometimes we get so feeded by media to apply makeup and perfect hair adn photoshop to be "picture perfect" that we forget about our natural ourselves. fantastic first pic and your cat is cute!

    P.S. Thanks for helping me out with the blog concept! love you for it :)

    xo Nav

  5. I'm definitely going to try this. Really cool idea. Your picture came out wonderful!

  6. This is such a good idea Shy!! I love your self portrait. I might have to try out this idea.

  7. Inspiring!
    And this shot is actually really beautiful.

  8. That's such a good idea! I will try that! I really like your blog!


Thank You :D