Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My (late) Weekend:

I know I'm a little late on the whole my weekend thing but real life has been strange lately. As you can tell my whole weekend was pet related! My friends came up to visit me and brought there dogs along. Of course instead of taking pictures of us hanging out we took pictures of our dogs hanging out. They / we had so much fun together.

You may be hearing crickets around this place for the next little bit.  Not only have I been working like crazy... I'm also in the middle of a quarter- life crisis and there are many changes going on personally, professionally, romantically... you name it, I'm changing it. So the poor ol' blog might be left to the wayside while I sort myself out.

You all know Ninny ------------------------------------ My more camera shy dog Keko

My friend's dog Bella ------------------------------------------- My other friend's puppy Gracie


  1. PUPPIES! They're sooo cute, I love them. Such cutiepies. My friend has a dog named keko too!

  2. your puppies are beautiful, love your photography



  3. Oh no ... Not crickets :( How about you get a couple of people to do some guest blogging? I am more than willing to help out if your interested ... But I hope you come back soon any who :)

    Elegantly Academic

  4. Looks like the dogs had a fun play date!!!

    Hope you are doing alright Shy.

  5. Doggies!!!! Sorry - it's early and that's the most coherent thing I've got this morning. Well that and that I hope all the sorting yourself out goes well (which I'm sure it will).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I LOVE dogs so much, so I always enjoy dog photos! :)

  7. What handsome dogs! Hope you sort everything out in your life soon :) x

  8. Doggies! :D

    I'm such a weirdo. I love looking at dogs--especially when I see them out and about with their owners. But I could never own one. Hehe. They're waaay too energetic and excited for me.

  9. I love Keko! Gorgeous girl. Looks like she's giving Bella the eye there. I've seen that look before on my dogs. Is she confused about Bella's eyes? ;) Pitts are the best dogs ever. Keep posting those pics!
    {mommy chic} latest post: pants on fire

  10. Aw gorgeous doggies. I hope you come back soon! I miss you after being pretty much away from internets during May. :)

  11. These guys do look like they're having a blast :)

    All the best for getting yourself sorted. reinvented and what not :) Hope to see you soon!

  12. I'm partial to Bella and her Marilyn Manson eyes.

  13. I'd be willing to help with a guest post, too! I hope you're alright despite the quarter-life crisis. We're here for you! And look at those doggies. So cute!!

  14. wow, those dogs are really amazing.
    And the pictures are great.
    Xx liefs

  15. cute dogs!!! i love love love love dogs!!!


  16. such pretty dogs!

    I'm sad your taking a vacation from the blog since I love finding other Canadian bloggers and I just found you, but I totally understand the need. I am excited for your return, best of luck!


Thank You :D