Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Weekend:

Annoyingly, someone/thing smashed a window in my house last night. What worries me more is that at no point did I hear it while I was sleeping!? I did hear my dogs (who were inside with me) barking up a storm but they do that if a deer walks across the field or a bird is eating from the feeder or a blade of grass blows the wrong way in the wind so I paid no attention and went back to sleep only to find this in the morning. Kinda creepy. On a less weird note: I got a postcard from Michal and I got to sleep in with my doggie (and protector) this weekend.


  1. As creepy as that mysterious broken window is, you made it the prettiest looking broken window.

  2. creepy indeed! love the picture though ^^ and you dog is the cutest ^^ x

  3. ahh..that is creepy. i am so paranoid. it is ridiculous. stay safe!!
    i LOVE the last dog is so adorable.
    i get to go home soon and get to see my excited!
    (even though she is 16 and can barely use her back legs i still call her a puppy..haha. :P )
    have a wonderful rest of the weekend Shy!!

  4. awwww adorable dog! so cute how you call him your protector :P ronan x

  5. So freakin creepy! I am so freaked out about potnecial robbers etc in the night. I'm sure there's probably a reasonable explanation but my mind never goes to the reasonable ones.
    I love your pup

  6. whoa, that's kind of strange!
    i'm glad you're okay though. and thank god for dogs! they make me feel much more safe.

    ps - i really like the new blog design!

  7. Whoa, that is creepy. I hope everything will be ok, stay safe.

    Your pup is sho adorable - <3 the alst picture!

    xo Nav

  8. Eeeeek! This would really freak me out! The other night, I fell asleep on the couch watching TV and I woke up to the front door 15 feet away from where I was sleeping slamming closed. Scary.

  9. That's terrifying! It's troublesome how we can become so used to our pets barking at things that we start to ignore it, I know I do that sometimes too. However, the picture you took of the window is very pretty!

  10. It's crazy what you can sleep through. For a while a friend of mine lived with us and one night she came home unexpectedly and we'd put the door chain on not expecting her back until the next day. She unhooked it from the outside no problem and we never woke up although we were sleeping right above the door AND our walls are wafer-thin. There is no way that went down quietly.

    Blades of glass are just evil though. My parents' dog always thought they were very suspect too.. :)

  11. ah scary! glad everything is alright and you had the doggie to protect you. i'd feel pretty safe with a big guy like that! (as i typed that little boo dog just jumped up on the couch and literally burped in my face. hahaha)

  12. I love these shots. that is so strange about your window. I guess you never found out what hit it or who hit it? What a beautiful postcard!!


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